A most obedient and humble servant who is trying to walk in the light

A short explanation is in order about my absence.

I am alive and whether I am well or not is a matter of opinion. Most friends (yes I have a few), family would say I am doing all right considering the circumstances and the cards being what they are. Not necessarily stacked against me but I will leave anything more to your your thoughts and imagination.

You will NOT get any touchy, feelings, warm, fuzzy, hugs, rainbows or otherwise from me. I give a damn and refuse to abandon anyone who I can call a true friend, ever. What you see is what YOU get.

NO ONE, I mean NO ONE comes between me, my kids, my better half and if you do you deserve what you get. No one threatens me or my family. A warning, it is that simple.

How about this? I am blessed beyond measure. I am poor when it comes to money or financial dealings but I am rich beyond measure of what can be measured here on earth. Rich in children, family and friends. We have what we need and this is what matters. The wants at this stage are so very few and so very, very minor.

I am out of town and should return home in a few days, a week, who knows for sure?

Will post if I can but do not expect much or maybe a lot. Somewhere in between is more accurate. I at least now have access to my 'stuff' and thank you NSA, Obama for providing for me all I need, NOT!

I will try to be your most obedient and humble servant and to those I fail, too bad and I make no apologies except when I am in error. The apology may be clumsy, hardened or a bit retarded (Oops, a not politically correct word and I do not care) but it will be heartfelt.

No further explanation is needed nor will there be any expressed by me. Do not like this or what you see, then get the hell out of my kitchen. No quarter nor mercy will be given except to those who have EARNED and work to keep my trust.

Mordor on the Potomac is stolen from Historian over at Liberty Hollow and I wish I could be so clever.
Drop in on Historian's site and you will be richly rewarded. Trust me and you can with this one.

Resist is the my word for every one of you, RESIST and walk in the white light. PatriotUSA


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Findalis said...

I have kept you in my prayers, knowing God will be with you and yours. You are blessed my dear friend. Blessed with wealth beyond the measure of those billionaires who measure their riches by money, stocks and gold.

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.

But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. -- Matthew 6:19-21

You're riches are where your heart is. And your heart is with God.

PatriotUSA said...

Thank YOU, Findalis.

Your comment is how I feel and thank you again.

Those who may be disappointed, well all I can say is I did not not know there are perfect people?

Psalm 91.

Historian said...

Dear Patriot:

I am humbled by your praise of my words; many thanks. As I have stated previously all I am doing is bringing the wisdom of the Founders and the ideas of the Enlightenment that made America great back to life; I cannot claim to have been smart enough to think these things out for myself, but I am smart enough to know a good idea when I see it.

On that note, I am compelled to point out that *I* did not originate the phrase 'Mordor-on-the-Potomac' and I confess that I do not recall who did or where I first saw it. I thought it a clever turn of phrase myself which was why I repeated it. It might have been Kevin at Smallest Minority or one of his regular commenters, or it might have been Mike Vanderboegh, but I do not remember where I first saw it. I appreciate the thought, but cannot claim credit.

I would encourage your readership to come and visit, question and COMMENT! A lively interest in the world of ideas is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Americans, and our ability to resist the pernicious doctrines of collectivism in all it's loathsome forms can only be strengthened by debate.

PatriotUSA said...
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PatriotUSA said...


Thank you for the clarification. I love the phrase and even if you did not 'trove' it up yourself, it gave me a chance to highlight your site and direct some readers who haunt here, to your fine site.

What I can credit you for is an outstanding site. I may not comment often but I try to drop in there as often as I can.

Thank you again, Historian.