The Jackalope and Hussein Obama

Folklore has it that if one crosses a jackrabbit and an antelope one gets a jackalope. He’s an intriguing little fellow and most of us have seen him in some gas station, or on a restaurant wall somewhere or another. But he ain’t for reals!

“But I’ve seen him!” you say. Well, yeah, that still does not change the fact that he isn’t. This leads us to a whole can of worms like, say, the Boston bombing, a subject better had around a fire-pit than here. I bring it up because of the mind games our government continually plies us with. And so, back to the original object of this post.

Victor Davis Hanson’s article that follows is as much about the deterioration of our educational system as it is about BHO’s frequently on display ignorance. “As a rule now, when our leaders allude to a place or an event in the past, just assume their references are dead wrong.” And that would be called an OUCH?

Via NRODon’t Know Much About Geography – Today’s leaders are totally ignorant of what used to be the building blocks of learning.

In Sam Cooke’s classic 1959 hit “Wonderful World,” the lyrics downplayed formal learning with lines like, “Don’t know much about history . . . Don’t know much about geography.”

Over a half-century after Cooke wrote that lighthearted song, such ignorance is now all too real. Even our best and brightest — or rather our elites especially — are not too familiar with history or geography.

Both disciplines are the building blocks of learning. Without awareness of natural and human geography, we are reduced to a self-contained void without accurate awareness of the space around us. An ignorance of history creates the same sort of self-imposed exile, leaving us ignorant of both what came before us and what is likely to follow.

In the case of geography, Harvard Law School graduate Barack Obama recently lectured, “If we don’t deepen our ports all along the Gulf — places like Charleston, South Carolina; or Savannah, Georgia; or Jacksonville, Florida . . . ” The problem is that all the examples he cited are cities on the East Coast, not the Gulf of Mexico. If Obama does not know where these ports are, how can he deepen them? Continue reading HERE.

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