Norman Finkelstein Admits He's a Failure

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Mondoweiss (Ugh)                                                        


Norman Finkelstetin reflects as he approaches 60.

The left-wing, anti-Israel blog Mondoweiss has interviewed the "independent scholar with a PhD from Princeton",* Norman Finkelstein. In this interview, Normie "reflects' on his life as he approaches 60. He frankly admits that he is a failure. Nobody will hire him as a professor (which is really saying something), and his books are a disaster. He even complains he can't get a hug from Google.The below interview is an exercise in self-pity.


It's true. Finkelstein can't get hired at a university not just because of his age, but because he is an academic fraud and the ugly manner in which he left DePaul. So he turns out flimsy books about Israel and gives speeches at universities hosted by groups like Students for Justice in Palestine, Muslim Student Associations, and various college "global peace departments". The last time I saw him was months ago at Cerritos College in Norwalk, California, where he called President Obama a "murderer".


And he wonders why he loses friends on both sides.

The guy is a bully who likes to attack anybody and everybody while beating up on young college students in his audiences who dare to question his opinions. He doesn't do so well when confronted by older listeners who do their homework and are not intimidated by his "reputation".

Enjoy your retirement, Norm. You've earned it.

* That is the label by which Finkelsein was introduced when he spoke at UC Irvine a few years ago. It was not one of his better days.

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