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I spend a lot of time at the Conservative Treehouse, also known as The Last Refuge. I have shared many, many posts from there and will continue to do so. There is now way I can convey to all of you who tread here what a fine site the Treehouse truly is. This is NOT a slam or critique of any other site(s). Most days I spend several hours at the Treehouse.

There was a string of comments, some were mine that led up this being said about yours truly and I thought it is worth sharing. Not because I need to be validated at every turn or that I am oh so needy but simply put, there might be someone who you, we can say this to. Nothing more, nothing less. A few words that can turn the night into day for someone we know.

This is the post that I was reading and commenting on:

Justice For The Janczewski’s – Their Son Repeatedly Raped For Years By Middle School Teacher, Neal Erickson, Who Was President of The Michigan Teacher’s Union and Even Now Supported By The Teachers….

"....strike this comment….??? Uh….don’t think so, PatriotUSA. You underestimate your value. You underestimate the joy and gratitude we feel when we see your avatar and your name on any thread. We love you, and treasure your steady heart, your deep compassion, and your willingness to stand in place, strengthening those around you. You, sir, are a treasure. ((hug))"

This is for anyone who might be battered, bruised and bleeding:

"In HIS glory I will walk, In HIS light, I will be bathed, in HIS image I am saved, In HIS arms I find rest, In HIS love, I am safe, In HIS Heart, my way is paved, Through HIS blood, my price has been paid, Through HIS ears, I am heard, Through HIS eyes, a sunlit path awaits, in the shadow of the Cross, Eternity awaits………" PatriotUSA

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