German Church Burning

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

Last week, I posted an article on the burning of a a church near Hannover, Germany. At the time, I drew a comparison with the burning of synagogues across Germany in November 1938. Gates of Vienna has an update on the German reaction to the burning and the larger picture. Comparisons and contrasts are also being made in Germany.


Of course, it is easy for apologists to point out that Reichskristalnacht was carried out by SA goons under the orders of the Nazi state while real police and fire departments stood by. True enough. Yet, the threat still exists, much as it did in the 1930s. Ask any Jew still living in Europe. The burning of the Garbsen church, apparently in the absence of a convenient synagogue, signifies that the hostile "youth" living in their midst from one city to the next has no respect for anybody that is different from them even though they are the minority fighting against the established civil order.

The fact of the matter is that Europeans have a significantly large and hostile minority bent on destroying the society they live in. These are not just restless juvenile delinquents resorting to arson; they are following an ideology and drawing inspiration from their elders, not necessarily their horrified parents, but radical imams in local mosques and those abroad, like Yusuf al Qaradawi, whose hateful words are carried to Islamic communities across the western world. Fortunately, for a variety of factors, the US and Canada do not see this type of street violence from our Muslim minority. Instead, we are having to deal with the isolated cases of violence from radicalized individuals.

It is time for Christians to recognize that they are under just as much threat as the Jews. One way or another, all Europeans are learning that the climate of fear is increasing. Europe is no longer a peaceful, relatively crime free continent that has finally learned its painful lesson from two world wars and the Holocaust. The 1930s are back only in different form. The violence happening in European cities is an outgrowth of hate-fed by a hateful ideology directed not only at Jews, but at Christians as well. Unfortunately European Christians have mostly set aside their Christianity and thus, don't feel they have anything to protect in that regard. Similarly, they are surrendering their liberties to a state that submits to the threat and prohibits anyone speaking out about the 900 pound gorilla stalking the streets and plazas of the once-great European cities. What is left to defend except their very safety?

That is why you get politically-correct European newspapers trying to navigate the mine field of acceptable speech in defining the problem that should be very easy to define. However, you cannot deal with a problem until you define it.

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