DHS Weapons Procurement Manager, Ayo Kamathi, Advocates Mass Murder of Whites and Jews

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Kamathi's website, War on the Horizon, includes footage where Ayo "the Irritated Genie" Kamathi states, "in order for Black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites – more than our Christian hearts can possibly count". [emphasis added]

In a remarkable turn of events, it required protests by the "extreme left wing", ├╝ber Liberal, pro-minority SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) Hatewatch website before action finally was taken against this genocidal, racist, mass murder-advocating rectal cavity. This, despite how fellow employees at DHS (Department of Homeland Security) stated, "Everybody is the office is afraid of him,” and “afraid he will come in with a gun and someday go postal."

The Hatewatch article notes:

Kimathi works for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a division of Homeland Security. Because it is a law enforcement agency, the supervisor said, employees are required to obtain official permission in writing for any outside activities, such as working a second job at McDonalds, running the bingo game at church, or volunteering at the Red Cross.

Kimathi obtained official permission but only by misrepresenting the true nature of his endeavor. He told management that it was an entertainment website selling videos of concerts and lectures. He called it simply WOH, never saying that WOH stood for War on the Horizon.

“If he had adequately and truthfully described his group,” the supervisor said, “I can’t imagine for a minute he would have been granted permission.”

Kimathi also spreads his message of pending race war and genocide and his disgust with “the smallhates (white so-called ‘jews’) and the white homos like Gay Edgar Hoover” in a series of videos and speeches he gives around the country.

The enemies’ list on WOH rivals that of President Richard Nixon’s in terms of length. It includes, among others, Rev. Al Sharpton, Lil Wayne, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, who he calls “Colon,” and even President Obama, “a treasonous mulatto scum dweller … who will fight against reparations for Black people in amerikkka, but in favor of fag rights for freaks in amerikkka and Afrika.”

Kimathi’s former supervisor said among his duties at DHS and ICE is speaking at various vendor events. He’s one of the agency’s public faces. It is his job to advocate for small business owners “white, black, historically disadvantaged, disabled veteran-owned, everybody,” the supervisor said.

“He fights for the little guy,” the supervisor said. “And he’s very good at it. He has a commanding presence. He’s very suave. It’s almost as if he has a split personality.”
[emphasis added]

In reality, Kimathi isn't the one with a "split personality". When it comes to Blacks, his behavior is boringly predictable and entirely unsurprising to anyone who pays attention to the BGI (Black Grievance Industry) and Race Realism discussions in general. It is the usual MSM (Main Stream Media) suspects like ABC, NPR, USA Today, Newsweek, the New York Times and NBC that exhibit the true "split personality" when it comes to reporting on overt racism in America. As usual, all of them were deafeningly silent over the presence of this outrageously bigoted Black supremacist within their beloved Obama's administration.

Eric "My People" Holder, Van Jones and a host of other Obama appointees all demonstrate a knee jerk hatred of White culture and it would likely require torture in extremis before they or any major media outlet admitted it, if even then.

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Findalis said...

And the worst thing is that he can't be fired and we are still paying him.

Anonymous said...

It appears from his "enemies list" that he hates black people as much as anybody else. Isn't President Obama also on his hate list? Like all bigots, there are no boundaries for hatred.