To The Negroes – Black Men In The 60′s Were Respected – Not Now!

Respect has to EARNED, period. So well stated. Respect does not know any limitations by skin color, by whether you are a male or female but it does disappear when anyone, regardless of their skin color acts like these cry babies screaming boycotts and exclusionary stupidity like these black, white 'celebrities and oh so politically correct losers and morons.' I may not like a particular individual but that person can still earn my respect, keep my respect by how you live, your actions, your words, your morals, your ethics and convictions. I do not give a damn if you are famous, an unknown, rich or dirt poor, black or white and you carry on like these people have.

Respect has to be EARNED. Respect must be learned by us first, in ourselves. It then has to be planted, tended to, watered and nurtured. Only then can we earn the respect of others and they in turn, earn our respect back. PatriotUSA

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Zenster said...

The good Reverend Dr. James David Manning minces no words when he notes that Black people were "Better off During Jim Crow".

The sad fact is that, during Jim Crow, there were more profitable Black businesses, more stable Black nuclear families and fewer Black people in prison.

Liberal politics and its strategy of creating a poverty pool filled with voters dependent upon government benefits have done more to infantilize and degrade American Blacks than all the years of Jim Crow and slavery combined.