Losing Liberty-The 4th of July 2013

This is a fine bit of commentary that was sent to me by a friend. I asked for, and received permission from the author to re-post it for all to read. Every word is true.
While many Komrades who believe all the propaganda from the current regime, who I refer to as AmeriKKans, will be celebrating the 4th of July in the usual way, there are those of us who can see, bear witness to, through our knowledge and history, see that the gathering storm is now upon us, attempting to crush those of us who cherish true freedom and liberty as set forth by the Founding Fathers through our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill Of Rights.

Written By John Porter and a huge THANK YOU to Mr. Porter for granting me permission to post up his piece.

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Losing Liberty

By John Porter

It seems to me that no matter what, we continue down the path to the complete loss of all Individual Liberty in the United States of America. I actually, literally cry in my observance of the death of Liberty. I sit alone in the quiet of my study and do my utmost to understand why, why are the American people seemingly so willing to just watch, and in some cases, embrace the death of Liberty.

The greatest possession a human being owns is Liberty. For two hundred years we in America have been blessed with our God given Liberty. It has now become the most abused, neglected and ignored possession we own. The men who founded our nation, did so upon the belief that governments primary purpose was to protect and defend Liberty.

The actual founding was the establishment of a Federal government and it's ruling Constitution and Bill of Rights. Benjamin Franklin realized and understood that the only thing which could preserve it, or lose it, was the people themselves. That understanding was evident in his reply to a reporter when asked upon his emergence from the Constitutional Convention, "What have you done in there?"  "We have given you a Republic, if YOU can keep it." I would ask you to now stop reading and sit back in your chair, close your eyes and think deeply about his answer.

From that founding moment, the struggle between the governments authority and the citizens right to Individual Liberty has never stopped. Over the course of time in that struggle, we have allowed Individual Liberty to be sacrificed on the altar of government provision and entitlements. We have now placed ourselves in a position where the Liberty our founders envisioned and gave us is barely recognizable. And through the currant leadership of Barack Obama and others, we are on the precipice, teetering on the edge of losing what little Liberty we have left.

A good friend  and I were having a conversation about this very subject the other day and I want to share with you her accurate and meaningful words to me.

"We grew up in a time of great patriotism. I was concerned about the Vietnam War, which never should have happened."  "Part of our generation rebelled against authority and ultimately formed the New Left, which has finally come into it's own. The Supreme Court began watering down the Constitution giving more rights to criminals, invalidating victims and set out to remove God from our institutions. We witnessed it and yet felt helpless to do anything about it." 

"John, it is spinning out of control. We don't have that many years left, which I'm glad of, but what are we leaving our children and grandchildren?" "THEY ARE THE ONES TOO PREOCCUPIED TO NOTICE." "I tried to tell my children...both think I'm paranoid. They do not believe...will not accept...what is happening."

My dear, dear friends, for two hundred years we have allowed the government to bring us to the teetering edge of losing our Liberty and entering a life of bondage. We must begin pulling ourselves back from the deep, dark cavern of slavery to the government. We are not losing our Liberty from one huge chop of an ax, but the slices of a thousand cuts of the sharp razor of Socialism. Someone said, "Government has sliced away for generations at Liberty all under the guise of a paternal mentality of "providing for" the average citizen."  

Even if we can take it back, it will not be done overnight, but we must begin. If we don't, I harbor a great fear that we will not "keep it."

Please forward to all you wish.

Until next time, may God bless and keep you.

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Findalis said...

There is still hope my friend. A small amount of hope, but it is still there.

Today I will stoke up the grill and burn a steak for dinner. I will raise my glass of root beer to the memory of those who died for this nation and our freedoms. And will pray for God to turn this nation around.

In spirit I will grill a steak for you and AJ. Give that dog a special treat for me.

Zenster said...

The greatest possession a human being owns is Liberty.

Minor Nitpick: It's the ONLY possession you own.

Without true individual Liberty, there is no viable opportunity for any ancillary concepts like Freedom, Private Property, Free Speech and what we more commonly refer to as "Constitutional Rights".

A government that granted any of those secondary "rights" without recognizing the overriding importance of true personal Liberty would merely be paying lip service to such notions while it perverted the meaning of all other ideas related to the dignity of human beings everywhere.

"We grew up in a time of great patriotism. I was concerned about the Vietnam War, which never should have happened."

Further Nitpick:

The VietNam war was fought for all the right reasons in all the wrong ways. When Viet Cong leaders set up their headquarters in children’s schools or hospitals, America should have bombed the crap out of them and air-dropped leaflets into those areas explaining that the North Vietnamese Communists had shamelessly put their children and infirm at risk. Clearly, with the same thing happening in Afghanistan and Iraq, America still has yet to lean its lesson about letting our politicians fight this country’s wars. As if Korea wasn't that same lesson in spades.

I'm glad to announce that, in my own hometown Independence Parade, I was personally responsibly responsible for recruiting a local contingent of true South VietNamese Army Veterans to march in our event's procession.

Their groups showed up in full BDU (Battle Dress Uniform), combat fatigues and several women proudly wore traditional gowns as they paraded a full honor guard, marched in formation and also carried a giant 20' x 10' foot South VietNam flag.

Far too many Americans are unaware of the horrific price paid by patriotic VietNamese military families when they were left behind during the Communist takeover.

Even fewer Americans know that VietNam was one of the most enlightened Southeast Asian nation. Throughout the most part of that country’s history women have always been able to vote, run businesses, inherit wealth, own land and fight in the military.

To this day, the two Trung sisters stand among the greatest VietNamese military heroes for their part in expelling a Chinese occupation. An excerpt:

The Trung sisters, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, were daughters of a powerful Vietnamese lord who lived at the beginning of the first century. At the time, Vietnam was under the rule of the Chinese Han Dynasty. Vietnamese women still had many rights which they inherited through their mothers' lineages, while in China women had lost their privileges due to the popular teachings of Confucius requiring women's subservience.
Vietnamese people did not actively oppose the Chinese rule until the year 39 AD when they began to feel oppressed. To frighten the Vietnamese and bring them to submission, a Chinese commander raped Trung Trac and killed her husband. In retaliation, the Trung sisters organized a rebellion. With the support of various tribal lords, they formed an army of about 80,000 men and women. Thirty-six of the generals were women, including the Trung sisters' mother.

The Trung sisters led their army in an attack on the Chinese forces occupying their land. They won back the territory extending from Hue into southern China and they were proclaimed co-queens. Their royal court was established in Me-linh, an ancient political center in the Hong River plain.

It is a great tragedy of history that, after so many years of craving self-government, enlightened VietNam ended up with something so wretched and vile as Communism.