Let’s take OUR American flag down from OUR White House! NOW!

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From The BlazeWhat Odd Guest Appears to Have Showed Up at the White House’s July 4th Party for Military Families?

Hell I won’t even go into it, you all know the story of the young Saudi FIRST under suspicion in the Boston bombing who FLOTUS visited in the hospital and who just managed to disappear into thin air...... I’ll just let you read the continuing damn thing HERE! and just add Glenn Beck’s comment below.  Fuming.  I am absolutely FUMING!  Has anyone checked?  Is the American flag still flying over the White House or is it a BLACK flag?!?

I’m going to make a suggestion – about a million patriots need to march on that building and gently take down Old Glory!  It no longer belongs over OUR White House!

Glenn Beck:  “In fact, he was considered one of our most dangerous categories of terrorists and now he was just at the White House celebration of Independence Day. Is that bizarre? Would you ‑‑ I mean, even if ‑‑ would you take a chance? What are you doing? I don’t even begin to understand this. Really, really amazing.”

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