An update and thank you!

An update for all who tread here.

A few of you may have  noticed that I have been very scarce of late from posting here. The usual problems of severe pain and my limitations are part of this, and my back is not getting much better, yet. I have no choice but to move ahead and am too stubborn to just say, the hell with it all.

Another main reason for this is that my fan business is actually generating some sales. I have been selling again on Ebay and I am now starting to direct my attention to the website that a very good friend was kind enough to build for me. Through the website offers me being able to sell my fans and have less of a loss financially as I do not have to accept Paypal as my only payment option(for the most part like on Ebay). The fees that Ebay and Paypal charge add up very fast. Most of my spare time is now directed to 'shop time'. Pretty much I am working on fans to get ready to sell. I have sold four fans this week, just to give you an idea. It is not like this all the time but I sure hope this continues to build and grow. So, this is where PatriotUSA has been and will continue to be. I have to be very careful with the time I spend in the shop due to pain and it is a balancing act, a tough one to say the least. I can burn many hours away in the shop and then look up and it is 11:00 PM already. Last night I stopped at 1:30 AM.

I have four fans to pack and ship. Each one takes me an hour. A lot more goes into this than just tossing the fan into an empty box.

I will be posting as I can and will have a special Ramadan post for our Muslim readers (snark).

So, that is all for now as far as PatriotUSA is concerned. I just want to also give a huge THANK YOU to the other contributors here. This site would be nothing with each and every one of you. PatriotUSA

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Zenster said...

Dear Friend,

Make money! We all know that you do it honestly so, any objections are totally out of place.

Do what you need to and, taking the liberty of speaking for so many others here, please ensure your own (along with your family's) health, happiness and success.

If those things fall into place, it is a lead pipe cinch that this website will only become a better place to visit.

Yer Pal,


Findalis said...

Glad to hear from you as I was getting worried. I wish your pain would go away, and with God's help it just may come true.

I wish you much success in your latest endeavor. I hate ebay because of the fees they charge. But as a buyer it is fantastic.