A Rabbi Hangs on in Paris

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Jihad i Malmö

The Swedish blog, Jihad i Malmö, is carrying a story about a Jewish rabbi in a Paris neighborhood who is determined to stay on at his synagogue in the face of anti-Semitic attacks and members of the community leaving. The video shown is in English.


"The Synagogue has been attacked twice by firebombs. Jews are regularly harassed by "shariagangs".

Davide Altabe is a rabbi whose synagogue is located in an area of northern Paris called Villepinte. The area is largely inhabited by Muslim immigrants. The Swedish part of the article also points out that the community political leaders, who are communist, care little about the anti-Semitism directed toward the small Jewish minority.

Jihad i Malmö takes special interest in this case in France since it's own Jewish community in Malmö is experiencing the same thing. Jews are attacked by Muslim immigrants on the streets, the mayor (Ilmar Reepalu) could care less, and Jews are leaving the Swedish city in droves. In fact, the post begins with a statement that the story is not about their own rabbi, rather one in France.

What used to be called Vichy France could just as well be called Vichy Europe. It will go down as another shameful chapter in European history.......what European history may be left.

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