What if they had a 4th of July party and no one showed up?

What if – we didn’t go to the parades, didn’t have the normal 4th of July gluttonous fair, didn’t light off a single firework, and didn’t watch A Capitol Fourth?

Is it possible that if we, the people, did not participate in celebrating Independence Day all across America that our government might take notice and worry just a little bit?

Independence Day is the day we celebrate having spectacularly, but at great cost of blood and treasure, liberated ourselves from the shackles of Great Britain.

And why on earth would we not celebrate this day you ask?  Because Independence Day is a shadow of its former patriotic, magnificent self.  Both political parties would probably agree on that, but for differing reasons.

A progressive would probably tell you that like the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they have all outlived their usefulness.

A conservative would tell you that we have forgotten our pledge to be constantly vigilant in our commitment to freedom, liberty and limited government.  The unintended consequences/price – we now have a new king.

What if – what if we stood up and outed the lie that we are a free people?

By so doing, we can shatter the illusion that this government operates with anything remotely approximating our consent. This is absolutely essential. The 4th of July pantomime requires that we deny the obvious – that we instead pretend we’re free people living in a free country; one in which the government is accountable to the people, one in which the government is limited by law. One in which people can’t simply be dragooned into prisons without due process, held incommunicado, tortured. A country with a president who doesn’t have kill lists – or use the instruments of state power to punish and intimidate his political opponents. One in which citizens must be suspected of a crime before their personal correspondence is filched through and recorded for later use against them. One in which a traveler is free from arbitrary and random searches of his person and effects. One in which the attorney general of the United States isn’t able to get away with providing guns to gangs or brazenly lie about his use of the power of his office to go after political “enemies” rather than pursue justice.
All these things are everyday realities. And the reality is that the America we once celebrated on the Fourth of July is gone, replaced by something dark and ominous.

It is painfully obvious – so why pretend otherwise?

More to the point, why should we celebrate this ugly transformation?

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I am guilty, guilty, guilty of participating in the 4th of July celebration for many years and have loved every minute of every bit of it.  I am also guilty of having taken my eye off what was pledged that day and am therefore, as one citizen, responsible for where we are now.

My pledge today, to America, is – I will no longer partake of the lie that we are a free people by celebrating this upcoming Independence Day.  And I do solemnly swear to all those long gone who fought for this country and who fight today – to do everything in my power to help restore what we once were.

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