“My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist”

You can call me a racist right along with Mr. Weston. Islam, sharia law and the cowardly Muslims who refuse to speak up against the Islamofascists are one  problem. The other is how the West overall is so sick with political correctness and fear of offending Islam and or Muslims. I have no such problems and Islam is offensive and disgusting to me. PatriotUSA

Liberty GB leader Paul Weston in London, 19 June 2013.
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Anonymous said...

Don't know what he's thinking here, going along with the linguistic games played by the other side in any way, shape or form is a massive strategic error.

He ought to have stopped at the bit where he said what racism used to be and said that it still was - therefore he was NOT a racist.

Mr. Weston has lost the plot.