Komrades! The IRS scandal is no longer of imporatnce to any of you

Yes Komrades, it is true. The regime has decided for you that this news is no longer important. Instead we will be showing you this clip of Gilligan's Island to properly instill within you the best way to live collectively and give all you have (nothing) to the Motherland. Be sure to take notes and memorize the Gilligan's Island clip below. After 48 hours you will hear, see and know nothing but what is best for your fellow komrades and the above all else, THE MOTHERLAND! PatriotUSA

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Big Three Networks Have Stopped Reporting on IRS Scandal 
By Warner Todd Hutson

Apparently the Big Three TV networks have decided that the IRS intimidation scandal is over and it seems that reporting on the issue has disappeared from the airwaves.

When the story first broke after IRS official Lois Lerner admitted that the taxing agency had unfairly targeted conservatives and Tea Party groups seeking a tax status, the Big Three jumped into the story with both feet. But now, only a month later, coverage of the matter has slowed to a trickle.

A new review by the Media Research Center of the first month of coverage of the IRS scandal shows that three quarters of the stories hit in the first two weeks after the news broke.

MRC analysts reviewed each of the morning and evening newscasts on ABC, CBS and NBC from May 10 through June 12 (ABC’s World News, Good Morning America, CBS’s Evening News and This Morning, and NBC’s Nightly News and Today show), and found 127 full stories, interviews or anchor briefs that focused on the IRS scandal. Analysts determined that 76 percent of the IRS stories were aired within the first two weeks, while 24 percent of the stories arrived in the latter period, a huge drop-off.

MRC found that CBS hit the story the most (49 stories), while NBC came in second (at 44), with ABC brining up the tail (with 34).

Finally, during the week of June 10, only one mention of the scandal was heard anywhere on network TV.

The main angle the Big Three took while reporting the IRS scandal was to note that it was damaging to Obama’s reputation and his presidency. Perhaps, then, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the networks completely dropped the story as quickly as possible to give Obama time to recover.

Source is here from CFP.

The motherland will now return you to our only scheduled program! This is INTENTIONALLY very short so you can immediately return to your assigned farm, factory, ministry of propaganda, institute of learning(Gulag), or mass graveyard to await your final assignment.

Be sure to bring your own gloves, shovel, rake or hoe. These were issued to you at birth along with your state issued decoder(tracking)chip permanently implanted on the back of left hand. DO NOT stop to think, talk independently or with other komrades. The welfare of the MOTHERLAND has been and will always be, the only matter of importance to any of you.

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Andrea said...

I can't even imaging what the blackmail/promises would have been to bring this about.
It makes my skin crawl to think them complicit in the intentional drive to take this country to a third world nation, and worse.