Forget the 1/10,000 At Your Own Peril

It is still a boggles the mind number/fraction when you stop to think about it.  One nineteen year old vs. nine or ten thousand (the number grew) police/gov/military in Boston.  From a previous post - There were some 9,000 members of law enforcement from the FBI, HLS, ATF, State PD, City PD, military police, anti-terrorist swat teams.  There were black hawk helicopters, tanks, Humvees, bullhorns, robots, fire trucks, bomb sniffing dogs, stun grenades of some sort, assault rifles on almost every arm.  Name it, they were well equipped.

Remember? From Battlefield USAGood Morning Lockdown AmeriKa… 

And last week there was this drill JUST the day before another shooting in the same area – from End Time ProphecyIT’S ONLY A DRILL! SWAT shuts down part of downtown Los Angeles in terrorism response exercise

On the 8th I missed this but fortunately - By The Blood Of The Lamb didn’t - Police response training planned, but bombs hit first

The blogosphere was full yesterday of good people trying to figure out our government’s latest atrocity.  The right or wrong of what Snowden had done.  How to combat a government gone totally rogue.

I believe we would be remiss if we didn’t consider the whole damn thing a False Flag with the question in mind – what’s in it for the regime?  Make sure and read the comment section!!!  From Jon Rappoport’s Blog - NSA leaker: are there serious cracks in Ed Snowden’s story? 

Just sayin folks.  Just sayin.

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PatriotUSA said...

Suspicious from the start, Andrea and as always, I refuse to comment much until the dust settles a bit.

Many have questioned this, many and even more are not sure this is legit.

With all that has gone down we would be in error to accept anything that is reported in this country with this regime in power.

Tyranny comes in many different colors and the main I am seeing is BLACK, MULATTO whatever you want to call the POS in the WHITE House. Call me a racist and get over it already if you wish.

Nick said...

Contaminated fish and micro chips
Huge supertankers on Arabian trips
Oily propaganda from the leader's lips
All about the future
There's people over here, people over there
Everybody's looking for a little more air
Crossing all the borders just to take their share
Planning for the future

And we're so abused, and we're so confused
It's easy to believe that someone's gonna light the fuse
Can't happen here, can't happen here
All that you fear they're telling you, can't happen here ...


Can't Happen Here ...