Fans for sale by PatriotUSA and yes this is a real post

Many who tread here know that I am for lack of better words, an orthopedic wrecking yard. The details at this point matter but no need to mention anything save for three spinal fusions and eight right shoulder surgeries and PatriotUSA is banged up. The end result of the mentioned surgeries is that I cannot really work now and may not be able to return to work. My part time job of three plus years I had with the State has officially ended and me and my family are pretty damn broke. Extremely so. There is a silver lining to the above, so please keep reading. This post remain up top for a few days.

One of the really good  things that happened  back in 2000 was I got into buying, selling, collecting, restoring, servicing antique and vintage electric fans. This was when I was recovering from spinal fusion #1. I have liked electric fans since I was a little kid. Fast forward to today and I have over 150 fans in my inventory. I have started selling fans again and some of them are below that I have listed on Ebay. I am a perfectionist in most things and any fan I sell has been THOROUGHLY overhauled, restored, completely serviced and any fan I sell MUST pass a 20 hour bench test of continuous running. My oldest fan is a 1912 General Electric and the best fans were and still are Emerson. I have sold over 175 fans. I have NEVER had one complaint, nor a fan returned for any reason. I prefer to keep the fans in fine ORIGINAL condition when possible. I have many in blade sizes from 8" to 16". A lot of these are works of art, the craftsmanship is just stunning. I have my personal collection of Emerson's that are not for sale, at least not right now. Many of these are cast iron with brass blades and cages.

Name of my business is Pacific Time and Breeze Company. My Ebay name is Westclox426.

If you need a fan, consider an older vintage, antique fan. They will run forever if properly serviced and maintained. We use them year round here at Casa Homer. A website and Facebook page dedicated to my fans is in the works, thanks to a kind and generous friend.
If you are interested, let me know in the comments, give me an idea of what you might like and I can get you some pictures.


Fans for sale

Sampson Safe Flex

Sampson Rubber Blade VHTF, in EXCELLENT, Original condition

GE 42X528

General Electric 1936 8" Oscillating Fan, CUTE Original Condition, Runs Perfect

R & M 3600

Robbin & Meyers #3600 BB 9" blade Fan 3 spd oscillator VHTF runs excellent


Thanks for looking if you did and loyal followers of Patriot's Corner will get a great deal if you purchase a fan from PatriotUSA

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Nick said...

As an ex-engineer, I'm impressed - that third one with the brass blades is just outstanding - ah the days when engineers really knew their stuff instead of being jumped-up programmers ...

Findalis said...

Do you have any box fans? I could use a couple of them real cheap.

PatriotUSA said...

No box fans, Findalis. I have one that is a small one that I will be restoring as it is a rare size and manufacturer.


This Brass blade fan I have up here is nice but I have others that are true works of art. Six brass blades and a brass cage with a black japanned paint. One is an Emerson that dates back to 1919. If I remember I will post a few pics of one of these fans. Stunning is what they are and when I get done with a fan, they almost always run superbly. I have had a few catch on fire on me work bench, quite spectacular when that happens.

Nick said...
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Nick said...

Talking of exciting things happening etc ..

I remember when I was an apprentice marine engineer, we went down to a boat's engine room one time, and the engineer I was working with was going to adjust the engine's governor. This is on a fairly big Kelvin diesel.

The chanty was right next to the engine room, & he went through there first and came back with the toilet roll, & hung it up on the wall beside him as he started to work ...

I asked him, "What do you need that for?"

He said .. "Just in case the engine runs off ..."

PatriotUSA said...

So did you two need the roll of TP? I hope Kelvin's are btter than Lucas electrical things.:)

When a fan cooks off it can be not a big deal, a few sparks, a big puff of smoke, the breakers get kicked or the fan can burst into flames. The latter has happened three times and once was on a fan that was a complete restoration, about 50 hours of work, paint job, rewound stator and speed coil, switch and all I heard was click, click and it was in flames. Quite exciting though the Mrs. did not share my amusement afterwards. Turns out the new capacitor was faulty. It caught fire at hour 18 of the 20 hour bench test I do on every fan I plan to sell. Better on me work bench than in a customer's home!!
I did salvage some parts off it but that event prompted me to have a couple fire extinguishers in the shop and home.

PatriotUSA said...
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Anonymous said...

The HOTTEST places inHELL are RESERVED for those,who in a time of moral crisis took the stand of neutrality.

Zenster said...

As to that Sampson Safe Flex model:

Somewhere, in Politically Correct Hell, is an underpaid and over-eager attorney who is just drooling at the chance to get a child within arm's reach of those whirling blades.

Zenster said...

Okay, alright, you've forced me to do this. It's one of my only fan jokes.

Q: Why is San Francisco's Candlestick Park so windy?

A: Because every seat has a Giant fan!