Arm Syrian Rebels? Bring Syrians to US?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

Warning: Graphic images

The next time one of your friends advocates sending arms to those Syrian rebels, you might want to show them this article from Atlas Shrugs. You might be contributing to scenes like this, in which a 15-year-old boy was publicly executed by rebels  in front of a large crowd that included his parents:


In the below article from Israel National News, you can see how the rebels treat their prisoners of war.


Or here (Washington Post)


Here's one from Al Jazeera, which "shows the need for a unified central command".


EUTimes has this contribution to our awareness:


There are so many more-not to mention the atrocities carried out by Assad's government troops.

This is Syria. You want to send ammo and arms to these guys so they can carry out more of these acts? Or perhaps send in the Marines to "stabilize" the region? The prisoners you see above could be our sons and daughters in uniform.

And Obama also wants to bring these people to the US-should they fail to overthrow Assad. Do you really want to see these guys running around the US-many of whom are al Qaeda types?

No thanks. We learned our lesson in Libya.

Didn't we?

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Andrea said...

Read this last night re bringing the "refugee's" here. http://shariaunveiled.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/massive-influx-of-islamic-immigration-into-u-s-projected-as-obama-considers-syrian-refugees/