Answering the call- George Zimmerman and the Republic

Sharpened by life, strengthened for eternity by the Cross and the Blood of Jesus.

From a comment I made on at TLR.

I offer up even more fervent prayers for George and the entire Zimmerman family.

“Lord, I just pray right here, right now for your righteous, divine, spiritual intervention for George and the Zimmerman family. May the precious blood of Jesus wash over them, protect them and may YOUR LIGHT of truth burn through the evil that is attacking this family and spreading across our our once fair land.We, I know as your word has been given, written that your truth will prevail over any and all evil. I pray for your covering of grace that can only be given by you Lord for George Zimmerman and his family. Bless Father Zimmerman for his book and standing up to the evil that is threatening his beloved son and they are all your children. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen”

I am but a simple man, a simple AMERICAN PATRIOT who stands by the word of Jesus. I know no other way nor has any other way ever lighted my way as His word. I know many here are much younger than me or many of the admins.We have seen much in our lives and we are seeing a grave, deep darkness stain, color, pervert a once fine, beacon of freedom to the entire world. My way is clear and the next stand may be my last, only Jesus knows. Totally all right with this. Like the Knights of St. John who made that last stand against the great Suleiman in the siege against Malta in 1565. The call has come and that is why so many are here. Ready to stand or searching for the truth. I pray Jesus watch over each and every one of you whether you are a Christian or not. Many others answered the call and went to Malta.
All I can ask is that some of you here stand up and be counted with us who will in the crucible of fire, the hornet's nest that IS coming. PatriotUSA

BEST coverage for the George Zimmerman trial and war against America being waged by the Black Grievance Industry can be found at the The Last Refuge AKA The Conservative Tree house.

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Findalis said...

It is now official by the Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Church of Christ, Unitarian, Methodist, and many Baptist Churches that Jesus was a Muslim and Palestinian.

Now why should I accept a Palestinian Muslim as a Jewish Savior?