Memorial Day - my pledge

I shy away from claiming to know, or understanding, any of this pain and loss.  I know nothing of the courage required to face an enemy hell bent on destroying good.  My family is steep with Navy, and Marines, and Army, and Air Force (including my own son) who fought in so many wars.  But personally, death in pursuit of liberty has not been my burden to bear, nor my honor to carry.

Still - I know in ever fiber of my body - that were it not for those fighting now, and those who paid the ultimate price - my life would not be as it is today.

I pledge to remember and pass along The Warrior's Tale of those gone before us who made "a last stand on a rocky outcropping, spending the last of their heart's blood to buy time they will never know." 


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Anonymous said...

As I observed elsewhere - to paraphrase a commentary about another important holiday: "They're the Reason for the Season."

PatriotUSA said...

You did fine Andrea, you did really fine.

Their season runs 24/7/365 as I see it and our gratitude, respect and honor should at least that.