IRS Bull**** Just Another False Flag

When your gut tells you something is too good to be true - listen.  Listen very, very, carefully.

Reading Nicki @ The Liberty ZoneApologies
"IRS targeting specific groups. This is so reprehensible, I don’t even know how to begin to address it. This is not the first time, and it’s not new. But this is the first time the IRS actually admitted it.  Publicly.  Brazenly."

Thank you Nicki.  Those two words jerked me upright at what should be obvious after all the times we have been taken for fools.  No, this is not the first time, and it is not new, but because we want to believe in good - we missed what is just more manipulation.  More evil.

Publicly/Brazenly?  Perhaps because they already know that the powers that be will ultimately not do a damn thing of substance about it.  

This is just another false flag folks - and it will NOT be the last.

The MSM - all of em - ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS - all simply outraged for a change.  Nice touch.  Give the foolish conservatives what they have been praying for - an awakened media!

And congress is all over it!  The House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight (playing their part just fine and no grass under their feet!) which has jurisdiction over the IRS, is investigating the reports of how the agency treated the conservative groups and is holding hearings Friday.

And the little people (that's thee and me) will believe - ONCE AGAIN INCORRECTLY - that there may be hope for a government that will do the will of the people!
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I no longer believe that false flags are an attempt to distract from bigger issues but more a calculated manipulation - keeping us continually turning from one crises to the next with the goal of wearing us down.

Daniel Greenfield in 2008 wrote an article - The Terrorist Brainwashing of the Civilized World - "Brainwashing is a multistage process whose ultimate goal is the destruction of an individual or a society's existing identity and its replacement with a new identity."  

The number one terrorist in the United States is Barack Hussein Obama.  He and his traitorous enablers employ "terrorist" tactics in every move they make.  Read the article, tell me I'm wrong.

We are living what Greenfield calls "societal brainwashing" by Hussein Obama right here, right now.  To buy into the IRS bust, or the AP bust, or the Benghazi hearings, as going to be that which finally takes Obama down is a very huge mistake.  It is going to take the hanging tree, and the "honest men."

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