Hatem Bazian-Cynthia McKinney at UC San Diego

Gary Fouse

Yes, Virginia, there's a lid for every pot. Hatem Bazian-Cynthia McKinney

Last Thursday, UC Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian and Cynthia McKinney spoke before a packed hall of about 40 students.....

..... from the Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Association as part of the week-long festival of hate against Israel at UC San Diego. No, I wasn't there, but people I know were, and they took copious notes.

According to my reports, Bazian was his usual complaining and boring self while McKinney gave one for the ages. It will be forever known as the Cynthia McKinney San Diego Address-as opposed to the Abraham Lincoln Gettysburg address. The only similarity was that both consisted of few words, but at least Lincoln's made sense.  Already rambling from apples to French fries, about half way through, she completely lost her train of thought and paused repeatedly for painfully long periods at one point trying unsuccessfully to put a film up on the screen as a student had to run up from the audience to help her. I am told it was embarrassing.

But that's nothing new for Cynthia.

Bazian, as usual, whined about the "harassment and  discrimination" that pro-Palestinian students face on University of California campuses then went on to complain about US support for Israel.

Here is a summary of McKinney's speech:

"Oh, I'm sorry........"

"What I'm trying to say is that one team shows up on election day. Another team shows up and the other team wins......Uhh....

....."try to talk about the way we organize................." PAUSE

......"What is this? ...Well, where I wanna go is............"(long pause)

"One moment.....Ok, uh.. That's it."

And this woman is a former US Congresswoman and studying for a PhD at Antioch University!!

To be sure, she made references to AIPAC and that pro-Israel lobby that has such an influence on all political aspects of our lives. She referred to an article by (Jewish Daily) Forward that described how the lobby is able to get Jews elected to Congress. She even quoted that great statesman (and Jew-hater)  Gus Savage, who spoke about the influence of the pro-Israel lobby on the House floor back in the early 1990s.

Gus Savage: Sexual predator, corrupt Congressman, race baiter, anti-Semite. And this is who McKinney quotes.

I should also note that McKinney quoted Savage in May 2009 at UC Irvine when I asked her a question about how much the Jews had cost her her last election. She was too stupid not to take the bait.


In addition, McKinney told the "audience" that she had just returned from a 17-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur the night before. She also told of being recently  in Capetown, South Africa at the -get this- Bertrand Russell Tribunal on Palestine and being told by "many" South Africans that the apartheid of the former South Africa "paled in comparison to the apartheid in Israel."


I note that among the "luminaries" at the above clambake was the crackpot American-born Israeli professor Jeff Halper, who concocted the "spectral dust" story which he related at UC Irvine. (You gotta read this.)


Which begs the question: Who is paying for this dim bulb (McKinney)  to travel around the world-or any of them for that matter?

From what I am told, the UCSD week of hate was pretty much like the UCI week of hate. The average turnout was about 30-40 MSA-types, 3-5 pro-Israel types, and 3-5  curious students here and there-probably getting extra credit to attend from their radical professors.

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