Excellent commentary on Zenster's Illiteracy, Crime and the Culture Gap

Comments here at Patriot's Corner have always been feast or famine. I do take this personally and I do not think any of the other contributors take it personally. The articles that have generated a lively discussion have usually been ones that are on Islam. The Muslim trolls have tried to come in here by disguising themselves and that has always failed. Others have been rude, mean and accused us of being 'not patriots, liars, racists, Islamophobic, members of the KKK, far RIGHT wing nuts, you get the picture. If the truth makes me or any other contributor a 'racist' then I suggest the accuser look in a mirror.

Zenster's great article on  Illiteracy, Crime and the Culture Gap has rang up a few comments from my dear faithful friend Findalis, and a fine response from Zenster.

Posted without any additional commentary from me as none are needed. I did add a comment at the end to thank both Findalis and Zenster for their comments and not to concern themselves over the length of their respective comments. PatriotUSA.


Findalis said..
After 40 years what else can we expect from the Black Community. Illiteracy, Illegitimate Children, the ability to read only well enough to fill out a welfare forms and lottery tickets.

History (Not cultural anthropology.) is not taught. English is basic, as is Arithmetic and Science (if ever taught). In fact these poor bastards are told their only way out of poverty is either through sports and/or music (Rap). This idea is central to every socialist nation. Scientists and Engineers are looked down upon in the schools, sports stars are glorified. Look at the education system in Sweden, Norway and Denmark for this trend.

The only real education a child can receive is either in the home or a private (usually parochial) school. Why is it that children who receive an education in Catholic schools or Charter schools read, and write? Why are their skills in Mathematics higher than their Public School contemporaries? And why is the price of educating these children lower than the public schools? Could it be the Teacher's Unions? The Liberal Bias against education?

A good way to end this would be to end Welfare as we know it. Instead of getting free housing, free healthcare, free money, free food, etc... They recipients would have to work for their money. What a concept! WORK a dirty 4-letter word to most of them.

I am sorry Patriot for this long rant, but I am furious when my tax dollars are spent foolishly.

Zenster said...
Thank you for commenting, Findalis (even if it was at the expense of your blood pressure).

Here's a bit of Liberal lunacy sure to get your hackles up, AB 420.

Beginning Fall 2013, no student shall be suspended or expelled for a “willful defiance” (48900(k) offense

I would bet the farm that the real intent of this bill is to prevent teachers and administrators from penalizing minority students who don't "act White". As in not showing respect for authority and not being disruptive in class or blatantly ignoring the teacher.

For a real world "boots on the ground" report, please check out comments #3 & #7 at the link. That poor teacher has obviously gotten a bellyful of kids not "acting White".

You are also quite right that America's Black community has dug itself a hole so deep that there is little hope of any substantial recovery. Someone at another website suggested offering young Black women $10,000 to undergo voluntary sterilization before having any children. For many Black females that sum would be irresistible and the reduced population of young thugs and teenage mothers would pay for the monetary incentives ten times over.

Most conspicuous of all is that Black America was more prosperous under Jim Crow. Whatever racist policies aside, there was less Black crime plus there were more stable Black nuclear families and thriving Black-run businesses during that era than there are now. Quite possibly on an absolute scale and not just a per capita basis.

Few other statistics are so damning about Black America. Lack of impulse control, poor future-time orientation and an inability to defer gratification all continue to haunt a huge percentage of the Black population to a point where imprisonment is the most humane measure.

Should anyone doubt that, consider this one single fact:

Imprisoned Black males have a longer life expectancy than those who are not incarcerated.

That one single pathetic statistic tells the whole story.

Findalis said..
Someone at another website suggested offering young Black women $10,000 to undergo voluntary sterilization before having any children.

I have heard that we should give these "well rounded" people $10,000 and a one-way ticket to Africa. If they accept they will not be able to return ever. It would be cheaper than paying welfare forever to them.

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