Calling All Patriots

A very good friend and fellow blogger asked me if they could post a thread for donations to help my family and me, over at their own site. At first I refused.

I then took it to prayer at the foot of the Cross. The answer was given to me with no room for questions or doubt.

This was EXTREMELY tough to post up here. Out of options and really have no choice.

Embarrassed and humbled by the offer to help us.

You will find a link to donate at the top of the right sidebar. Thanks to all who tread here, especially FINDALIS. Be sure to visit Monkey In The Middle. This is her site. Really is a very fine site. PatriotUSA


Calling All Patriots! 

My dear friend Patriot USA is in dire need of both funds and prayers.  As many know, Patriot USA had major spinal surgery this last month.  He is unable to work, unsure that he will have a job to return to, and the bills are piling up.  Recently he had to spend big bucks on the repairs to his car.  (OK his wife's car.)  Thus depleting his savings.  His wife is out of work and has one child in college and a child in High School.  Things are getting so bad that even AJ, his dog is feeling the pinch.

I know times are tight. Heck I am short too, but Patriot's need is greater. A few bucks his way will do wonders for his recovery and health.

Either click here and hit the side link to donate or you can donate directly by clicking here.  And remember Patriot in your prayers.

Thank you;


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Nick said...

I'm in such dire financial straits at the moment I just can't help out right now: I have to make a payment to the bank on the 22nd and if I don't then the sh1t will hit the fan big style.

I've bought my food for the month & it's a case of counting the pennies until the 22nd so that I can make that payment, then hoping I have enough food to last the rest of the month.

So tough times right now - I've only just completed my first full-time week back to work after a year of ill health too.

What I was thinking though was that you could write some short stories & release them on Kindle. Seriously - if Dan Fante can do it, so can you.

I still have a laugh at the time you went to the opticians & went across the road & got out your binoculars to check out what they were doing ... classic stuff!

PatriotUSA said...

No worries Nick and totally understand.

I know you have had a rough stretch yourself.

Somehow, some way things will work out. The Lord never promised us it would easy.