America The Ignorant

How long do you think we have?  As things are proceeding now at breakneck speed thanks to the terrorist “we the people” put in the White House – I would guess we have about a year.  

Who will be America’s Tommy Robinson giving an interview and echoing every word he says?  I don’t know.  There are plenty capable.  All I know is – unless things change drastically here very shortly – this is America’s destiny.

H/T – both videos – @Stonewall_77  


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PatriotUSA said...

The results of the talking heads in Europistan and decades of unchecked mussie immigration. This is what the liberal progressive 'leaders' of Europistan have allowed to happen with the ignorant European population taking it one step further, and allowing this to happen, just like here in AmeriKKA.

Look how the brave and stalwart Tommy Robinson has been treated in Britianistan, vilified as a criminal and hate monger when he is truly one of the few taking a stand against Islam and Islamofascism.

The English are paying a very steep price indeed for allowing themselves to be disarmed in 1997.

Findalis said...

Take away the guns, knives and the will to defend yourselves and you get Europe. Add to that 20 minutes for the police to arrive.

That scenario will be played out over and over again if the Democrats get their way and disarm us.