Why Wasn't Tamerlan Tsarnaev Apprehended Immediately, the suppression of the Saudi Arabia connection to Boston Terrorist attack

Excellent inquisitive and answer article from Confidential Reporter of Foreign Confidential. Why wasn't this person nabbed right away?  One reason is the perverted political correctness and direct efforts of the Obama regime to defuse Islamist, Muslim terrorism in the name of not hurting Muslim 'sensitivity' or what I refer to as the 'cry baby Muslim syndrome.' Perhaps inept intelligence efforts could be in play here as well. 

One thing is crystal clear and that is the Obama regime is making every effort to suppress this from being told to the American people and the boot licking, Obama lap dog LSM is happy to comply with Skippy's wishes. PatriotUSA


Why Wasn't Tamerlan Tsarnaev Apprehended Immediately?

Again, Apparently, a Usual Suspect Was Inexplicably Ignored

As previously reported, the FBI interviewed the dead Boston bomber years ago at the request of a foreign government--almost certainly, Russia--which suspected him of having ties to Islamist terrorist groups.

So why wasn't he located and questioned immediately after the bombing?

Given the FBI's knowledge of the man and the fact that he lived about two miles from the scene of the crime, why wasn't he tracked down and taken into custody before he could kill again? Rounding up an obvious suspect--a nearby, known sympathizer with and suspected supporter of the Islamist insurrection in the Caucasus--might have saved Sean Collier's life.

A question cries out for an answer: has the Obama administration's obsessive political correctness and, more important, effective narrowing of the definition of the Islamist enemy to Al Qaeda alone seriously hampered law enforcement's ability to aggressively monitor, investigate--and prevent--domestic Islamists/Islamic extremists from planning and executing attacks on American soil? Are there directives and guidelines that make it much harder for the FBI to do its job in this regard?

One wonders. After Carlos Bledsoe  (aka Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad) and Major Hasan Nidal, how could Tamerlan Tsarnaev have happened? [DEBKAfile offers a shocking--but plausible--explanation of why the authorities might not have immediately found and questioned the Tsarnaev brothers. Click here to read the article, which claims the brothers were double agents assigned to penetrate foreign Islamist networks who went over to the other side.]

From a political perspective, one also wonders if the United States has been idiotically insensitive to the  Islamist threat to Russia (and China), if old alliances and prejudices dating to the Cold War and the catastrophic secret intervention in Afghanistan on the jihadist side persist in preventing the formation of a truly effective united front against the clerical fascist foe that menaces the entire civilized world.

More than 11 years after 9/11, the most important lessons from that event have apparently not been learned.

POSTSCRIPT: Moreover, when images of the bombers became known, why wasn't the elder brother immediately recognized by someone in the FBI--i.e. whomever had interviewed him?

When the authorities appealed to the public for assistance in finding the bombers, based on the distributed video and still images, why weren't their names also publicized?

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Source is here 

Please read this exceptional article from the TLR that connects all the information, bits and pieces up regarding the connection to Saudi Arabia and the Boston terrorist attack.

The Obama regime is doing all it can to suppress this connection to the Saudi Arabia. Why?
Read about it here and remember, Obama BOWED down to the troll king of Saudi Arabia.

Following The Saudi Angle – Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi Terrorist Ties and Obama Administration Avoidance

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Andrea said...

"So why wasn't he located and questioned immediately after the bombing?"
Patriot, I believe the answer to that question lies in the Judge Napalatano video I used in the above post.
Another false flag operation they set up - but THIS time - they let the whole thing play out because Hussein O wanted it to.
Apprehending the two too swiftly would not have allowed the horror to grip the nation. Apprehending them a few days later makes it look like they got them pretty quickly.
It is all so damn revolting!

PatriotUSA said...

Remember the DHS Insider Reports and that the one of those reports assured us that in Spring of 2013, the state sponsored war on US citizens would start. This is what all of this is.

Make no mistake about this not a one of us and vigilance is the key word and watch your back.

THEY ARE COMING and it has started.