Too many things, events 'accidents' are not, and will never add up

I am sharing this and decide for YOURSELF.

All I can say.

Of course they will brand us as Islamophobic, terrorists, far right wing nuts, whatever...

Meh and NUTS to them.

Things are now in motion that we cannot stop except the way it was stopped in 1776. I fear for my children and yours.

This was sent in as a comment to another site. I am leaving out the name of that site out and ask you the reader, to read this with an open mind and just recall all the things that ARE NOT adding up. Maybe you refuse to believe any of this, maybe I am the one who is crazy, but before you declare me guilty of being whackadoo, be sure to read my next post.

Your blood will run cold, trust me it will. It will be a lengthy one but please be sure you read EVERY darn word. PatriotUSA


I had info. from a source that is in touch with International Intelligence agencies….the info. I was given ….nothing sensitive or secret…just given as a warning to folks…because your FBI /CIA and DHS aren’t going to tell you this to keep you safe!

Information from the Israeli Intelligence Agency was given to the three agencies above, a month in advance of the Boston Bombing….the info. contained pictures, locations, names and other info. on 8 members of a terrorist cell that were all members of one mosque in Boston area. The DHS was the only agency to reply back calling the Israeli’s…Islamophobic and that Islam is the Religion of Peace! The other info. given was a warning that this group would be bombing the Marathon. There were other cells also that planned for Memorial Day, at the Vietnam Wall to use 4 suicide bombers and another 4 suicide bombers would also be at the Washington Monument on July 4th…..

The Saudi National that is being deported was in fact the fella that had the device to set off the bombs. The other 7 were on their way back to Saudi to get facial reconstruction done and new identities, passports etc.

All the stories now being circulated are the spin by the FBI to create a plausible story to cover their arses. The Chechnyan brothers were not angels but they didn’t do the Boston bombing…they are just part of the fabrication and patsies who will be taking the heat for it. I’m shocked that the youngest is still alive but who knows for how long. It wasn’t like the FBI didn’t try to make mincemeat out of him.

The Boston Bombing was just a test run to see if they could get the bombs past the sniffer dogs as they were using a different wrap on it. No Pressure cookers were involved….much too cumbersome for what they needed. BTW…if you’ve seen pictures of the “Supposed” pressure cooker…you will see that it looks crumpled in…not jagged pieces and not filled with holes or pitted, which one would expect from such an explosion especially when ball bearings and nails should have been expelled out through it! Perhaps the terrorists left it in a garbage container as a decoy to the real substance used.

Now for the What If scenario…..

What if the explosion at the fertilizer plant was intentional? Some of the same chemicals used to make fertilizer is also used to make bombs! The Terrorists will not be importing C-4 or such as they all have signatures to them which can be traced. They will have to get this from somewhere in the USA.

Now what if the terrorist cell had the fertilizer plant owner on their side? What if this plant made the explosive that the cell used and what if they had purchased a lot of it? So that no one could find out where the explosive came from …all information that could be used to track down who, what, where or when had to be disposed of….. Fires can break out in Fertilizer plants fairly easily and to make sure that all info. would be destroyed…a missile was then used to make sure it would be. There might have also been some of the explosive material still inside the plant which would have added a bigger explosion.

BTW…..the war has now started on American soil…..there will be more of these happenings through out America for quite a while to come. Keep your eyes and ears open! I would also caution that if there are any big crowds for special occasions happening, it might be an idea not to join in on the festivities.

Due to backpacks being part of American society….almost everyone carries them! Watch for any that are left by themselves. Most folks if they take them off and put them down will not be leaving them behind them but would have them in front of them so that no one can make off with their stuff! Make sense?

Keep Safe! 

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Anonymous said...

There are many photos of military types with light khakis, desert combat boots, black jackets & baseball caps (and backpacks) circulating on the internet - these guys were at the end of the Boston marathon, apparently doing a "drill".

If they were doing a drill to find terrorists, they did a bad job.

If they were doing a drill to find any bombs/IEDs, they did a bad job.

If they did a drill to protect the American public, they did a bad job.

If they were part of a false flag operation ...

Findalis said...

The fertilizer plant was an industrial accident. The fire department there was on the fire for hours before it exploded.

Second: My sources in Israel told me that the Israelis are no longer giving information to the US. They say we are compromised with a MB member as the head of of CIA.

PatriotUSA said...

My sources have told me the same thing about Israel and yes, we are a compromised not to be trusted partner.

Israel has no need to trust us nor should take that chance.

Not sold on fertilizer plant and maybe just in my mind too many scenarios and events spilling out.

Drills, drills, drills.....