“The next Adam Lanza is just around the corner. But the next Tamerlan Tsarnaev isn’t worth bothering with.”

Now to finish that sentence The next Adam Lanza is just around the corner.  But the next Tamerlan Tsarnaev isn’t worth bothering with.  Gun control is an urgent issue, but mass immigration from terrorist countries isn’t.” 

For two frickin years I have stayed away from the subject of islam and islamists. Why?  Because incredibly dedicated partners and I beat our heads against the wall about the subject for the three years prior to that.  We took down 60,000+ terrorist videos (not even making a damn dent) and their YouTube sites, and it didn’t change a single… solitary… thing.  Were I to go to YT and search I promise you – terrorist videos are still in abundance – THANK YOU specifically to Google and our government and NO thanks to nothing-more-than-lip-service Joe Lieberman!

NOW -  here we are again and all day I’m reading posts and comments about the subject like it is new, or nearly new, or maybe it’s  finally time to do something about it.  So, OK, I give.  I will point you to one of a dozen top people who can tell you everything you need to know about the subject, but folks – nothing – NOTHING – is going to make any difference – no matter how insightful or knowledgable you/we/they are until there is a change in this GOD DAMN TERRORIST ENABLING GOVERNMENT!

Daniel Greenfield – excerpts from yesterday’s post pointing out very clearly the psyops at work on we the peopleRefusing to be Terrorized -

BHO:  “Americans refuse to be terrorized.  ultimately, that’s what we’ll remember from this week”

The terrorists will keep on coming and after each new act of terror, the politicians who keep the door wide open for them will praise the indomitable spirit of whichever city got targeted this time around.

Read that again! - “the politicians who keep the door wide open for them will praise the indomitable spirit of whichever city got targeted this time around.”

But while infidels might still rule the United States, though there are serious questions to be raised about who is ruling Michigan or New Jersey, life was hardly torture for the Tsarnaevs who drove luxury cars, attended good schools and got good media coverage. The good media coverage continued even after their bout of mass murder as the New York Times feature story on them was headlined, “Far From War-Torn Homeland, Trying to Fit In.” And who can blame them for trying to fit by practicing some of their native customs of mass murder.

But there are two standards on being terrorized. When a mentally ill man shoots up a school, then everyone is obligated to be terrorized all the time. Children can be seized for chewing a pop tart the wrong way and the leading leaders tow around selected parents of victims to demand that the pesky Bill of Rights take a back seat to a special moral superiority vote from a former Democratic member of congress whose great achievement in life was getting shot in the head by another mental patient.

It’s not the role of governments to tell people how to get over a terrorist attack. Nor is it the role of government to violate the Bill of Rights using the act of a lone madman as a pretext. But it is the role of government to stop an international campaign of terror by a fanatical ideology from reaching these shores using the blunt tool of immigration.

Refusing to be terrorized is as simple as refusing to accept more immigrants from Muslim countries. It’s not the least repressive measure ever, but it beats interfering with the civil rights of hundreds of millions of Americans who are not members of terrorist groups.

There is no need for Obama to play Therapist-in-Chief. It’s not his job, even if he is better at it than he is at his real job. His job isn’t to praise the attitudes of the people his administration put in danger by refusing to give Tamerlan the boot even after warnings had come in that he was involved with Islamic terrorism. It’s to refuse to accept the presence of terrorists in this country.

Obama obviously won’t do that job. But neither did Bush. Unlike empty paeans to courage by politicians with none of their own, that topic is not even on the table. The terrorists will keep on coming and after each new act of terror, the politicians who keep the door wide open for them will praise the indomitable spirit of whichever city got targeted this time around.

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Findalis said...

According to the Elites it is guns that cause all the violence in America. If the Elites were right there would be a school shooting like Newton every week. But there isn't. In fact they are far and few between.

I remember Columbine and the aftermath. Every school banned black trench coats immediately. As if it was the coats that caused those 2 losers to go off the handle.

We should be very wary of the Muslims who go radical. We now know that it was his family that caused the radicalization. His mother is a kook and his father is living in Russia, promising revenge on the US. The only decent members of their families are his uncle and sister. The uncle came out right away and denounced his nephews. His sister and her husband has no contact with the brothers. She married a Christian and converted to Christianity. Smart girl.

The left will use this to limit our freedoms like they tried to use Newton to take our guns.

We must stay alert and tell them no!

Zenster said...

For two frickin years I have stayed away from the subject of islam and islamists. Why? Because incredibly dedicated partners and I beat our heads against the wall about the subject for the three years prior to that.

Three years? That's all? Pish tosh, try ten years. Please, believe me, I believe you, especially about the frustration part. I've been shouting from the virtual rooftops about Islamic terrorism until my computer runs out of electrons. I'm also confident that even just three years of trying to raise the alarm is enough to give anyone a bellyful of Muslim perfidy and barbarism.

That said, the best thing to do is focusing on creating memes that really stick to the roof of peoples' brains.

That's why I make posts like, This Flag Was Made for Burning (see comments) and The Dark Side of Corruption.

However successful (or not) that they may be, such articles provide readily assimilable images and data that facilitate persuasive arguments when dealing with Liberal idiocy. A good example is the image caption in Bill Smith's "Obama Administration: F-16 to Eqypt But Opposing American 2nd Amendment Rights":

Why does Egypt get free F-16s if American citizens can't be trusted with common hunting rifles?

I have used this as a lead-in for conversations and not encountered much in the way of opposing arguments.

Aside from the short-and-sweet stuff, there's also some lengthy articles that synthesize much of the data I've collected over the years:

When Will it End?

Why Will it End?

How Will it End?

In the long run, brevity is the soul of wit but, then again, Islam is a topic that does not allow for much witty repartee.

To close, keep fighting the good fight. Yes, it can be damn discouraging but remember:

We change one mind at a time.

Andrea said...

"We change one mind at a time."
Zenster - I think it is too late. Life as we know it now/the days are numbered. IMnotsoveryHO

Findalis said...

Ok what did I do to lose your friendship?

Zenster said...

Andrea: Zenster - I think it is too late.

I can only quote "Anne of Green Gables" to you:

"Lack of trying, not failure, is criminal."

While I cannot reasonably accuse you of not trying, giving up is still not an option. Doing so only tilts the field even more in Islam's favor. I find it difficult to believe that someone like you would earnestly wish for such a thing.

Andrea said...

“While I cannot reasonably accuse you of not trying”
LOL, no, you cannot without knowing what we did at which point an assessment is appropriate.
The fruits of our labor are “partially” here:
This was just one site we maintained for the public. Another was directed at only sniper videos.
And there was our Corps website which was administrative, for training, for media, for politicians (our weak link) for responding to correspondence.
The daily gathering of information was additionally posted at FR, Jawa and a couple of others regularly but not daily.
It required four of us, three to four hours daily, six days a week and a fifth person who worked strictly with tweets.
After the first year we allowed ourselves to have Sunday’s off!
All of us have jobs and families.
Volunteers who worked at removing the videos came and went over time and to a one they were tremendous/dedicated.
But life moves like a river. Three partners dropped out, one from just plain ol burn out of the daily hunt, one for security reasons, one for education reasons.
The last partner and I could not do it by ourselves and I turned the site into more of a blog.
Ultimately, there are only so many ways and times one can say Google (at the heart of it all) is a traitor to our country.
“giving up is still not an option”
Changing directions to attempting to expose our muslim-in-chief and his tribe I felt/hoped would be of some use.
I apologize for my comment, “I think it is too late,” - it was sadness and anger from the outrages of what we saw last week – terrorist attack, Martial law, a situation in Texas that is very possibly much more than we are led to believe.
No matter my anger, discouragement, anger, frustration, anger – when you no longer see me posting at my site – then you can assume one of two things.
I have a new home in one of H.O.’s camps, or I have given up and given in to evil. Then and only then. And the second is NOT going to happen.

PatriotUSA said...


I am always your friend if you are asking me or is this just a question within the post?

I am have little time right now for posts. Too many fires at home and trying to heal.

Literally have one and one half feet IN HELL.