The ladies deliver a few messages for Islam at the local mosque in Europistan

From Halalboozeshack.

This would really scare the local mussies right off of their camels and goats.

Please note that this video is a bit RACY.

I posted this up mainly to demonstrate that people and in this case women, are still free to do such things in rapidly falling and Islamizing Europistan. In a few years such antics will most likely not be possible in Europistan for anyone but especially for women. We know what would happen to these women if they did this or tried to do something like this in most Muslim countries. PatriotUSA

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Findalis said...

I hate to burst your bubble but these whores are doing nothing but self promotion. Let them go to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt and pull this stunt. What do you think would happen?

Whores like these give us women a bad name. While you are impressed by their nudity, I find it demeaning and embarrassing.

They are nothing but brainless tits. And will never be taken seriously.

PatriotUSA said...

Not impressed by their nudity at all and WAS NOT the reason this was posted up.

Was not posted up to offend anyone at all.

My apologies if you found this offensive.

We know what would happen to them if they did this in a Muslim country. The fact that they can STILL do this in Europistan is the main reason I posted it up.

Findalis said...

Wasn't offended, but these "Ladies" are a joke. Give Europe another decade and they will be walking around in Burkas.

I laugh at the left and their idiot stunts. The stunts mean nothing and the only voices the "media" will listen to are the pro-gay or anti-Semitic ones.