Terrorist ID chart: Official White House release

I know this is not all inclusive chart but we must try to forgive Barack and Moochelle as it seems like the White House is too busy spending our sequestered funds on lavish parties at the White House, trips around the country to push the commie progressive scam for taking away our guns. Gun control are just two words for GUN CONFISCATION! PatriotUSA 

Stolen from: Classic Liberal Blog and Vox Day

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Velcro said...

I'm sure glad you posted this, it clears up a LOT of confusion for me!

PatriotUSA said...

Remember, Keeping it simple, as you mentioned.

Funny, one of the terrorists not shown are the teachers of our public SKREWEL, er um I mean school system.

Nothing says terrorist to me like a uber progressive, liberal brainwashed school teacher infecting their filth upon our most vulnerable, our children.

Just to clear the deck, not ALL school teachers are nasty, libtarded, brainwashed morons. Thank God we still have some who try and teach an equal, well rounded education to our kids!