Seafuckstration and the Blue Angels

From The Right Scoop - Navy's Blue Angels are blue after being grounded for the rest of the year

The Navy announced the cancellation Tuesday of over 30 shows for the stunt-flying team that were planned through November, citing budget cuts imposed by the Department of Defense.

The Navy is following in the steps of the Air Force, which last month cancelled all remaining shows for its stunt team, the Thunderbirds, and the Army, which cancelled remaining 2013 shows for its parachute skydiving team, the Golden Knights.

NYGino in comment section -

As ambassadors of good will for our country, the Blue Angles and the Thunderbirds and the Golden Knights can't be underestimated.  They are more than an awesome exhibition, they are instillers  of pride in us and  a symbol of our Nations might, or what used to be until this administration came along.

We curtail what has been a very successful envoy to the world and we send out John Kerry. We are becoming a laughing stock on the world stage.




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