Llittle shop of horrors-Kermit Gosnell

This story and crime is finally getting national exposure as it should have been all along.
The LSM can longer ignore what occurred at 3801 Lancaster in Philadelphia. The media in our country is and has been controlled by the far left, just like our education system. If a story, crime, event does not FIT your agenda, suppress it, bury that story until it fades into the rear view mirror. That did not happen in this case because bloggers, conservative bloggers and websites took this story and ran with it. Even some liberal columnists have taken up this story because it disgusted them. But not NPR, PMSNBC, ABC, NBC, or CBS.

The LSM refused to report this story because it makes the abortion industry look bad and reveals it for what it is, murder. This story does not fit the progressive, regressive agenda from the White House on down the food chain. Abortion is often called a civil rights issue and rightly so. But abortion is more of a HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. Abortion is a black, white, brown, yellow issue. Abortion stains every skin color for what it is, MURDER. Sadly it is blacks who are victimized the most and you thank Margaret Sanger and friends for this outcome. This was not a local crime or one that should have stayed hidden. This crime should have splashed  across every nightly news program and more. Has your local news media outlets covered this story? I bet they have not.

Below the video you find several links that are directly related to this story.

Kermit Gosnell has pleaded not guilty. Just like the liberals who always try to blame someone else, cover up anything that shows them for what they and their agenda really is about.

Thanks to Steve from Cry and Howl for the shared links. PatriotUSA

Tweet to break the #Gosnell news blackout

Media Ignore Abortion Provider Gosnell’s House of Horrors

nearly 100 living babies were gruesomely murdered

over 200-page grand jury report 

What Is Behind the Kermit Gosnell News Blackout?

considering deleting the Wikipedia article about Gosnell.

not a single story

Thanks again to Cry and Howl  


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Zenster said...

While I respect your opposition to abortion and would defend to the death your right to peacefully seek its legal repeal, one simple fact remains.

Without abortion on demand, America would be deluged—even more than it is already—with vicious Black criminals.

In a previous article posted here, I pointed out how, despite being just a few percent of the American population, Black males between the ages of 14 - 35 account for 53% of the murderers in the US.

Now couple that with the fact that some 73% of Black children are illegitimate and one begins to get a glimmer of what an astronomical increase in violent crime there would be if abortion were not available to Black women.

The real issue lies in persuading White women not to have abortions. Yes, this is racist and cold-blooded, but it is also the only way that America has any chance of remaining a predominantly White nation.

Muslims are just the iceberg's tip when it comes to the demographic displacement of Whites in this country. Until there is some semblance of border controls and a comprehensive reform of immigration policy, encouraging White women to carry their pregnancies to term is one of the only possible ways of ensuring the collective health of this nation's White population. Period.

PatriotUSA said...

Excellent points Zenster but abortion is murder, plain and simple.
What Margaret Sanger started, vile disgusting abortionists like Gosnell and others are legally, for the most part, still murdering babies of all color. Even Gosnell had a segregated killing room that was 'nicer' for the white women and there soon to be aborted babies. Just about as sick as one can get. Gosnell understood the plantation system quite well.

You cannot stop abortion for just Whites but convincing them NOT to get an abortion at all is a tricky one. Saying abortions are not OK for one race bur fine for another delves us into a very deep and complicated issue. I will see in SJ if you catch me drift!

Zenster said...

PatriotUSA: Saying abortions are not OK for one race but fine for another delves us into a very deep and complicated issue.

No such thing is being said. However, let minorities sort out their own issues on abortion. If White America has any hope of continued existence, it must first address the problem of White women getting abortions.

After all, exactly how concerned are Blacks and Latinos about the issue of Whites being demographically displaced?

In this, the abortion issue mirrors immigration. Only America and Europe are expected to have open borders. Almost everywhere else on earth, countries limit nearly all immigration by foreigners and illegal aliens are just as often treated with harsh brutality. Guatemalans surreptitiously entering Mexico are frequently shot on sight but the Mexican government howls about how racist and unfeeling our kid-glove treatment of their illegal alien citizens supposedly is. Try immigrating to Japan sometime. Ain’t gonna happen. Only the West is supposed to open its veins for the world.

So long as all others essentially hold the White race to a double standard of “demographic displacement for thee but not for me”, they can go piss up a rope. This is one of the cruelest lessons that Whites are barely even in the process of learning. All of the other races couldn’t give a damn if every last White disappeared tomorrow.

That the world would most likely plunge directly into chaos, war, famine and unchecked epidemics doesn’t occur to them in their abject hatred for a race that has put all others to shame in terms of technological and cultural advancement over the last four centuries. Africa and China enjoyed head starts of thousands of years. Yet, what would either continent have to show for themselves without the marvels of White technical innovation?

Make no mistake, Whites are reviled for our success and our sheer existence is a standing rebuke to all other cultures who have slacked in the traces for millennia.

Regardless of whether or not Whites view abortion as an across-the-board evil, remediation of its harmful effects must begin in our own back yard. Minorities must be left to themselves when it comes to figuring out their own particular interests. If and when minorities begin to show some genuine concern for the way they are overrunning America and Europe, maybe I’ll recalibrate my position but not a moment before then.