It. Is. Over.

 Oh. Really?

Well, yes.  The terrorists have been killed or captured!!

Terrorists?  There is NO mention of the word terrorist from Hussein Obama yesterday after the younger Tsarnaev was captured so I guess it wasn’t – terrorism!  Just, how did someone put it – sports place violence?

Friday was – pick any of fifty words – I’ll use horrific.  Horrific for all of us wishing for justice to be done to the terrorists responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings and it does not matter what religion, color, sexual preference, politics or anything else – we just wanted them off the streets and to be punished one way or another.  We wanted this sorry chapter in America’s history to end.  We had every possible media source and tool to watch moment by moment and many did.  And it did end.  And here we are today, a new day.

How it played out leaves me with thoughts about the evil behind it – like -
  • Over and over on the police scanner I heard the instruction – “Do not return fire!”  Do not return fire?  That does not make sense even from a humanitarian sense because how humanitarian would it be to let the terrorist kill a policeman? I understand the need to know why/how this came about and if there were any accomplices but why was not the same order given for the first brother?  And I never heard a caveat – unless he fires first.  It was emphatic – “Do not return fire!”  And then, multiple times, the police were told to go quiet on their mics.  WTF?
  • Two brothers.
  • One has to live so that America can spend the next few years being worn to pieces (remember, that’s the part about don’t let a good crisis go to waste) watching his trial.
  • One has to die because they can’t take the chance of not getting the same story told by both.
  • The choice is simple, of the two, the youngest has to live.  The older is/was more radical and would not be as easy to manipulate in the future.
Over?  No.  The goal, to wear the people down, must press on.  The probably unintended-to-let-slip but works-to-evil’s-advantage from one very, cold Hillary on Benghazi (What difference does it make?) eats at us today.  Or John Kerry last week and his response to a question about Benghazi – We’ve got a lot more important things to move on to and get done.   We won’t forget that one for a long time as I am sure the families of the Benghazi four will not forget.  Never the coda.  The end.  Never.  Unless Americans rally to Lady Liberties defense.

And so, time to get back to work.  Two videos below.  Food for thought.  Meantime, prepare!  Food, water, cash, necessities.  Think, watch, look, listen, write, talk, read and read more….. as in these thoughts from the aftermath   …   Boston: It is now possible to shut down an entire US city under martial law   …   This is America   …   do not miss thisssss one – - – - – >   Or is it a military state?   …   Jihad Will Not Be Washed Away   …   FBI tells America: believe us and no one else   …   Where do we go from Boston?   …   Oh My: FBI Interviewed Boston Terrorist 2 Years Ago Over Extremist Ties   …    Islamapologists Report For Immediate Duty   …   How The Government Capitalizes On Terrorist Attacks   …   OH, and the kicker though I know there’s much more   …   Michelle O visited the Saudi “terrorist” in the hospital

h/t -ScreenShots News
17 false flag stings by FBI at the time of this video in 2009 – h/t – cmblake6 and upaces88 


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