American's - Weak To Be Free

There are no contingency plans for Americans weak to be free.

Boston.  Two radical islamists take an everyday household item and wreak bloody fricking jihad on innocents.  There were plenty of security personnel interspersed thru-out the crowd.  They stopped nothing, and so at the end of the day the demonstration of martial law comforted most rather than horrifying them.

That is not a contingency plan folks!  It is an abrogation of the freedoms and God given rights to a system that history proves will enslave!

By the time this becomes the acceptable norm as it was so easily accepted by the city of Boston, it will be past the point of no return.  All it will take will be a couple of more attacks.

It is a false premise to surrender liberty in the hope of keeping one’s self safe.

Zo’s video below covers the issue of “assault” weapons.  I’ve added it here because the man always has some good common sense views and he makes one think.  It is not an effort to get those unarmed to rush out and buy a gun, some just can’t do that, but government surely does think guns are the answer!

Guns are inextricably tied to liberty as are laws.  We have plenty of laws already, but they are not upheld.  Whose fault is that?  Look in the mirror.

In the quiet moments of our minds we need to examine the assault on America’s psyche, that government is the answer to all of our needs.  We must use common sense in determining is more government control of the people the answer.  If not, the hourglass swiftly drains, find your voice.  It, too, is a very powerful weapon.


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