America! And "Amerika Lite" Under CommieCare

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THIS, my lovely country - is AMERICA!

From @JawaVinnie @ the Jawa Report - Jack Hoffman, battling brain cancer, scores the longest touchdown at today's spring game.

And the consequence of believing lies told to get elected - CommieCare.  Death panels.  Amerika of the future.  

From Fellowship Of The Minds - Cancer clinics turning away thousands of Medicare patients - excerpts -
Oncologists say the reduced funding, which took effect for Medicare on April 1, makes it impossible to administer expensive chemotherapy drugs while staying afloat financially.
After an emergency meeting Tuesday, Vacirca’s clinics decided that they would no longer see one-third of their 16,000 Medicare patients. “A lot of us are in disbelief that this is happening,” he said. “It’s a choice between seeing these patients and staying in business.”
So whatcha gonna do when they come for you cause your a bad boy/girl just wishing to live out your lives in peace and good health.  Or more accurately - what are you going to do when they send you home and tell you to just take the pain killer.....

What about Jack Hoffman?

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free mp3 said...

With the whole thing that seems to be building within this subject matter, all your viewpoints are generally somewhat refreshing. Even so, I apologize, but I can not subscribe to your entire plan, all be it exhilarating none the less. It appears to everybody that your opinions are generally not completely justified and in actuality you are generally your self not really wholly confident of the argument. In any event I did appreciate examining it.

PatriotUSA said...

You do not need to apologize to anyone here, MP 3, not at all.

Quite the contrary, I think all the contributors here are very confident in their arguments. Sadly, what we here on the Corner have been examining, researching and saying for several years now, is almost to a T, coming to fruition.

And no, it does not appear as you see it, to everyone else here or who drops in for a visit or is a regular readers of this site. I could care less if you do not "subscribe to your entire plan" as that is not what this site is all about. You dropped in and read this post, that is great. Did you bother to take some time to see what else is here? I suggest you do.

I am pretty damn confident in my views and what I think and do. You are obviously not as you begin your comment with an apology?? We are not going to get all butt hurt here just because some people do not agree with us 100% of the time.

I would suggest you examine WHY you feel it is necessary to apologize for yourself when none is needed. so you disagree with us, that is really all right with all of us at Patriot's Corner.

Thanks for stopping in and I do hope you will return. We welcome everyone here.