Update from PatriotUSA-Complications

Update From PatriotUSA.

I do not have much time as I have to be pretty much in bed and on my side, either one. I am typing this lying on my side so if it is a bit 'funny', that is why.

Incisions are infected and is slowly getting better(I think) as I have been on antibiotics since last Sunday. They are still draining quite badly and there is chance the surgeon may have to go back in for a looksee if this does not settle down by early next week. We are using Maxi pads for bandages as the doctor said they are the best thing for what I am dealing with. Snarky comments welcome, of course. When will I ever be able to wear white again? The incisions are quite nasty. The Mrs.is enjoying this part way too much.

So I will very AWOL for sure, even worse than last week. They think this is all due to how I was on the table for 5 hours, there was so much junk that had to be cleaned out plus removal of the old hardware. I watched a bit of the surgery video and it is no wonder I feel like I went 15 rounds with Danny 'Little Red' Lopez.

Ok, I gotta go as the family is on the prowl and I am not supposed to be on here at all.
Later and thanks to all the contributors! PatriotUSA

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Findalis said...

Wearing white is not the problem, but being able to go swimming is.

My prayers are still with you. Praying you get well soon.

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you, Findalis. Seems to be slowly improving and I am being so good it is a bit shocking to anyone who knows me. I have to do as ordered and if this does not fuse over the next few months, well I am not dwelling on that, only getting better! Thanks for the prayers!

Very much appreciated.

Nick said...

So maxi pads, that's like ... hippens? (As in: That ****** Joe Biden his a face like a skittery hippen!)

Or (having thought about it for a moment) women's equipment?

Whatever works, man.

PatriotUSA said...

Thanks Nick, I KNEW I could count on you!

PatriotUSA said...


I cannot even take a full on shower yet! Get to leave the house tomorrow for a walk around the block if I can handle it.

AJ is quite unhappy that he cannot lick my incisions. I usually let him do this to minor cuts, scrapes etc. but something like this.