Show your support for the U.S. Border Patrol

I am re-posting this straight from Conservative Observer and I want to thank Bill Smith and his site, Blogs For Borders for the steer in to this extremely urgent and important issue.

The Obama administration is doing all it can to ensure that our country is overrun by illegal aliens (Democrat voters) by gutting and stressing the Border Patrol at every turn. From leaving areas of our border unguarded, unprotected for hours at a time, to cutting the pay of those who tirelessly work and put their lives on the line every day while the overhead of the Border Patrol get large raises and perks, The TSA gets $50 million to make the TSA even more intrusive into Americans lives, the Border Patrol is under attack from our own federal government led by the worst traitor of them all, Barack Hussein Obama.

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Show Your Support For the U.S. Border Patrol!!!

By Velcro

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If you've been paying attention, you know that the sequester cuts have been the excuse the Department of Homeland Security has been looking for to cut allocations to the U.S. Border Patrol.  Yes, those folks, the ones who have the thankless (and now seemingly payless) job of stopping the flood of Democratic voters illegal aliens into southern Arizona.

Local 2544, the Border Patrol union for the Tucson sector, has announced that the union has authorized the patch shown below to be worn on agents' uniforms as a way to protest the nearly 40% pay cut from discontinued AUO, cut uniform allowances (in the face of TSA getting a $50 million windfall for new unis), and reductions in salary.
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The massive team that works day in and day out to bring you the pearls of wisdom found here at Conservative Observer AZ decided to show their support for our agents by taking the liberty of adding a few touches to the original patch.  The gang felt that this was a case where it is better to ask forgiveness than permission, and we hope that the union sees it in the spirit it which it was intended!  [read: Neither the U.S. Border Patrol nor its agent unions are responsible for the atrocious artistic talent on display in the modified version of their patch.] 

You too can show solidarity with the plight of the Border Patrol by downloading and proudly displaying the first logo above!  Encourage others to steal it, and let David Aguilar, Janet Napolitano, and Barack Hussein Obama know that funding needs to be restored to protect our country!

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