Excerpts from "The Two Tillsons"

Patriot - you'll figure out in approximately 1.2 seconds why I put this up here, i.e. one of these two men is somewhere in your back yard.  I thought you would want to know about him. 

via The Liberty Zone - excerpts from The Two Tillsons

This is a Paul Tillson from Oregon, who served honorably, got an education and opened his own IT company that does online computer repair, and is a disabled veteran.

and then - 

Some of you will remember Paul Tillson – the shitstain from New Jersey who showed up on our Interwebz wearing enough military decorations to choke a woolly mammoth. The guys at This Ain’t Hell outed Tillson as an outright fraud, and he proceeded to threaten legal action against them, using written language so bad, that it made my cactus wilt!

The two Tillsons are staggeringly different, and yet, when people Google Paul Tillson, they’re inundated with photos of the freak, rather than the legitimate businessman.
 So if you ever run across a computer problem, you might want to contact the first Tillson, who served honorably, and who is running a legitimate business.

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Paul Tillson said...

Thank you for your support!
No valor here Just Honor I love America!

-Paul from Oregon

PatriotUSA said...

Our pleasure here on the Corner to help people not be confused with the nefarious individual.

I am in Redmond and if I might ask where are you located as we have four computers and we are always looking for excellent repair and service when we need it. I always try to conduct business with places that I know are owned by vets or hire vets as a priority, as it should be.

THANK YOU for your service and love for our Republic and country.

Paul Tillson said...

Thats not too far from here, I am a open book never done anything I would regret here in my info: Paul P. Tillson 42418 Lone Pine Road. Chiloquin Ore 97624 PO Box 292
(541) 783-0918 my normal hours are 9-5, but I often make exceptions as needed to facilitate rapid repairs. there is more information on my website www.pcwebfix.com
Thank You, for your support!