America's Stage 4 Cancer

My beautiful, funny, sister died several years back.  She had had some inklings that things were not truly right with her body, but she refused to go to the doctor until a blackout and fall took care of that stage 10 denial of what turned out to be stage 4 cancer.

Sister lived for about two years going thru all the awful treatments that gave her hope that maybe she would beat that evil disease.  The two years were very, very hard, on her body.  On her wonderful devoted, husband.  On those who loved her so much, on those who prayed daily for her, on one in particular who sent me beautiful artwork to meditate on for her recovery.  On those who treated this lovely woman.

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Several days ago I wrote a post when I had my coming to the truth moment knowing that the majority of Republicans were in cahoots with the Democrats pulling the wool over our eyes as they march us to tyranny.

I tried not to write this but someone made a comment this morning on my post about not being able to shoot my brother.  I just cannot ignore it because I then went to his website and my heart just breaks reading his thoughts.  He said – No one wants to make the choice, but I think the ball is already rolling.

What I did not want to write is that despite all that was said yesterday in the filibuster by Rand Paul – he will vote yes on Brennan.

Yesterday he said something to the effect of he was not willing to give a yes vote until……  This morning in interview with Glen Beck he said – again paraphrasing - I am not willing to give a yes vote until the President assures us drones will not be used on the American public.  Well, either it was all for show, or, he is not very bright because this President says one thing and does another.  The sequester the most recent example.  Hussein Obama will give Paul what he wants and then will do whatever he wants probably denying he ever said such a thing, again, like he did on sequester despite videos proving he did.  Lying is one of the things he does best.

Prove me wrong Rand Paul.  I so want to be wrong on this one….. 

I am linking to the man who sent me his comment this morning.  A post he did several days ago tore me to pieces.  He, like so many in America, loves our country.  He was instilled with the duty only a father can pass along to his son.  Take the three minutes it requires to read it.

Why they will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers  – via  - Eatgrueldog

Skeptic – thy name be LadyRavenSDC.  We are looking at stage 4 cancer enveloping our nation as I write.

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