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Superb commentary from T.L Davis who owns T L In Exile. The post below is not for the faint of heart, not for those who will wet their boxers, panties and run when confronted  in the face of government sponsored censorship, war on Americans who believe in the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and what the Founding Fathers gave us, true Freedom and Liberty.

I have often mentioned how I personally have been attacked, insulted, called a racist, hate monger, Islamophobe, domestic white male terrorist, called a lunatic because I own guns, BELIEVE in the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, the rights of the second amendment, attacked and vilified for my patriotism and belief in AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM yet I am still here. The liberal progressives that are ruining this country are the same ones who tried to intimidate me for using a gas powered lawn mower, safely using pesticides, herbicides on MY OWN property, turning our thermostat up or DOWN to stay warmer or cooler (and I like to cool, very cool), harass me because we use wood heat or because I have certain bumper stickers, decals and my BIG AMERICAN car that gets over 30 MPG on the highway. Yet I am still here. I do not need nor do I ever want a STINKING PRIUS or RETARDED looking INSIGHT, or a HYBRID of any type. Bothered at the store for accepting, asking for PLASTIC bags to get groceries home that would soak through a cloth bag (not to mention the bacteria that might remain even after proper washing and sanitizing), and the list goes on. I refuse to be harassed, ridiculed, legislated into silence, badgered into submission because I refuse to accept the perversions and cancer from the toxic stews of political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism. Yet I am still here.

Go hide in a corner or refuse to stand up to those who have brought tyranny inside our REPUBLIC and turned it into a 'democracy of social, moral and ethical decay'? I know I will not stand down nor retreat. Nor will I be silenced and I will NOT accept the status quo of the proletariat traitorous government that is turning our Republic into the new South Africa. 

They are already here. They will keep coming until they are stopped.

My light will cease to shine when my eyes no longer see. PatriotUSA

From T L In Exile.


Do Not Go Gentle

By T.L. Davis

Our fates are inextricably tied together. The people who read this blog and others like it know that they are on the front lines of tyranny. When they come, they will come for those who inspire patriotism, who believe in the Constitution and who spread the word of liberty and the law, because it is all of these things that they, the government officials, find offensive and destructive of their intent to remake America.

There are no champions of the people's rights in government. Both political parties are guilty of violating those rights. Both are guilty of spending the nation into bankruptcy. The battles in congress that consume so much political thought are meaningless. It is designed to placate the opposition, no matter which side one is on. Each party appeals to one half of America against the other half and when some rights are taken from one, they are lost to both. The people lose every time and half of them feel better for having taken something from the other half.

Those of us who believe in God-given, or natural rights; rights that were endowed upon everyone at birth speak heresy to them. We speak of something greater than government. We speak of something beyond control. We speak of something of higher authority than a badge, a gun or a gavel. Heresy that they will punish with all the might of their officialdom. They will silence us, punish us, kill us rather than to have us speak of a greater power than government.

They call us terrorists and extremists to make the cleansing easier to the eye. They threaten our families with privation for what we might have said or written. They willingly destroy our futures with accusations and arrests for speaking the evil of liberty as if it were a disease long since dead in the rational world of government domination. Terrorists? We have not threatened their families. We have not made false allegations to destroy their futures. We have not approached them with limitless powers of coercion disguised as a badge or a gavel. We have spoken the truth and their guilt terrifies them.

They have cornered us with laws and definitions that give us no way to speak our minds and obtain a redress of our grievances. They have cornered us with no way to turn that is not taken as a threat. They have shoved us and slapped us for our belief in the words of our founders. We have taken it and swallowed our pride as the bettor part of valor, knowing that when we shove back it will tear the nation in two.

The truth is, they cannot "fix" America until they can claim that we, the patriots, the advocates of freedom and liberty, broke it. They are now on a path that takes them to that point. They have defined us as extremists, demonized us as radicals, used our thoughts and words as actions against them. All they need to do now is push a little harder, i.e, take down a few websites; arrest a few that can link them to others in this made-up conspiracy of theirs; make a few law-abiding citizens into criminal scapegoats (Keith Pantaleon and Nathan Haddad) to infuriate us.

To this I do not say: stay quiet, avoid conflict, hide and live. To the contrary, I say stand tall, speak loudly, let them come. If the price of safety and security is a denunciation of everything great and noble about the American experiment, I will not tell that lie.

But, do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

(Make plans, have e-mails, physical addresses of those who can relate your fate. Have places to go, people who can help. Help those who are first to go. Spread the word of your peril and rally to the aid of others) 

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