Quick update on AJ and yes, PatriotUSA-8 pin! UPDATED

UPDATED: AJ had his second blood draw yesterday for specific thyroid levels and functions. He was a super patient and extended his front leg paw to the vet so she could do blood draw. He is doing pretty well and there was an 'event' at the vet which I may write about. Involves stupid, stupid people and some bunnies.

AJ is doing well and will be getting the next specific blood work done for his thyroid functions. He is almost back to being himself and his appointment is for later this week with our vet.

Ever felt like an 8 pin on a perfect pocket hit? Yep, that is where I am at.
PatriotUSA really dinged himself with this last slip on our stairs and my absence from here is strictly due to this last slip and I was being so darn careful but as I am reminded all the time now, not careful enough. I see the neurosurgeon this coming Monday and it is time to toss all my chips in and get the next  round of fusion surgery set up, the process started, sigh.....horrible timing but when is the right time or best time?

Not sure if it will be one, two levels fused or perhaps all four of the remaining lower ones to just get it done and try to buy me another 10-15 years of better stability. A decrease in pain would be great but I have learned that surgery seldom does much for pain relief and I have way too much permanent nerve damage.

Will try to do some posts but no promises and everyone is on me case and seriously nagging me. My family is just watching out for me as I am obviously my own worst enemy. AJ is my constant companion and was with me when I slipped. He tried to block me from slipping but I was able to push him out of the way as I did not want to land on him. Our connection just grows deeper and closer.

Yes, AJ is watching me too. A damn fine dog!

I have to get off the computer as my absence is sure to noticed upstairs. I have been threatened with a lock up!  I am  so sorry for my absence and this just makes me even more grumpy, if you can imagine that. Not a pretty picture at all and trust me on this one.PatriotUSA

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Nick said...

You're certainly going over some rough ground right now, Patriot.

Bill Smith said...

Words are not enough friend. But they still must be said. Praying for you and God's Blessing on you in your decisions and the hands of the doctors

I have felt somewhat perplexed the last couple weeks over my own changing health, but your situation puts mine back into perspective.