Florida Atlantic University Bans Videos at Greta Berlin Appearance

Gary Fouse

Hat tip The United West

Greta Berlin

What is it about these anti-Israel events that they try to stop their opponents from filming their speeches when they are public events taking place at a public university? Twice in the past months, I have been told I could not film events at UC Irvine (by the Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine). In both cases, I informed them of the law and continued to film.

Now comes Greta Berlin, an anti-Israel activist and leader of the "Free Gaza Movement" speaking at Florida Atlantic University on February 6. Tom Trento and members of The United West were told by a campus cop that filming was prohibited.

                                                        Great Berlin

Trento did the right thing. He informed the cop that he was in the wrong, but in the end, followed the cop's orders-and got it all on film. It is now up to Florida Atlantic University to address the incident. It is unlawful to prohibit filming at a public event in public space at a public university.

As for Berlin, here is a sample of what a toxic character she is (hat tip The Blaze).


That's right, folks. It was those Zionists who carried out the Holocaust according to nut jobs like Greta Berlin.

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Zenster said...

Now comes Greta Berlin, an anti-Israel activist and leader of the "Free Gaza Movement"…

Gaza is as "free" as it will ever be. At least, that is, under Islamic rule. Already, a number of Gazans have expressed nostalgia for the "good old days" of Israeli "occupation". To wit:

When Palestinians Prefer Israeli Occupation to Palestinian Self-Rule

From the article: That almost all Arabs would rather live in Israel than in a Palestinian state is well-known.

Those of us in the know refer to this as the "Right to Return" policy. But seriously folks…

Few, if any, better examples exist than Gaza when it comes to the old adage about "people getting the government that they deserve". Personally, I would extend that to the entire Muslim world (aka: ummah).

It may well turn out to be a horse race with respect to which form of tyranny best exemplifies that old adage; Communism or Islam? Most striking of all is—with almost countless millions of corpses to their respective credits—that either of these easily discredited ideologies are around to cause any further trouble.

More than anything, this bespeaks the West's tolerance for the intolerable. Communism and Islam having, long ago, worn out their welcome.