Eric Allen Bell has left the building

Back to the roots...

After months of attacking Christians, and spreading 'universal gibberish' from New Age cults, Eric Allen Bell has finally took the last, 'courageous' step back to Hollywood-country, of blaming the Jews for controlling the media. Since his 'crusade' to prevent a single mega-mosque from opening in the midst of the Christian bible-belt yielded zero results, Mr. Bell has apparently chosen to go after softer targets, in order to advance his career in the city of down-to-Earth, poor, hard-working, multimillionaire celebrities. Personally, I am more than thoroughly disgusted, since I used to look up to that man, and support everything he did. Never again. This guy has used us all in order to stay in the spotlight, and then went right back to his comfort zone. Now, he has the audacity to pretend he's "breaking taboos". My suggestion to everyone who considers themselves counter-jihadists, Christians, Jews, or just decent folks - cut your connections with Eric Allen Bell. This well has dried up.
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Findalis said...

But don't you know dear Patriot that we Joos are the cause of all evil, all wrongs, all harm.

PatriotUSA said...

Yes, the JOOS are the global troublemakers and are so eeevvvillll.
F--k Eric Allen Bell is all I can say.

He is a duped moron and is just in it for himself and so he can say look at me. I have a through a different set of lenses. EAB is a traitor.

Helping Hand said...

It's interesting to note: Eric Allen Bell went into hiding when he was mistaken for involvement with the movie blamed for the Benghazi attack and the ensuing unrest in the Islamic world.

During this period when Bell feared for his life, it was Christians who responded to his need for a safe places to stay.

Is wasn't but weeks after this that he began his Christian 'bashing.

Nick said...

Saw this coming. Remember that last article here about EB?

Anonymous said...

So when he was in trouble, he didn't get any help from his leftist, ramptant anti-Semite pals, nor from any of the anti-Semite Mohammedans out there.

Far from it - he got hatred and death threats.

Now he's spouting off the favourite hate theory of both groups?

That fellow needs to look back through history and see the ONLY force that has stood against Islamic conquest successfully.

Here's a hint: It wasn't Hollywood.