Eject! Eject! Eject! - Remember?

We sat in the E3 chat room for hours discussing Bill Whittle’s essay’s on War, Honor, History, Power.  Often he was there with us.  Many, many of that group were influenced to start their own blogs, myself and three partners included.  Perhaps, if you are unfamiliar with his writings, you will understand why we gathered there by reading an excerpt from his piece written in 2002Freedom

To the many who scorn the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution as the dangerous plaything of illiterate, mindless oafs who enjoy loud noises, let me simply refer you to that great unbiased and incorruptible teacher: History.

Ask yourselves why intellectual elites so love totalitarian states where people are unarmed and dependent sheep. Look at the examples of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and Saddam, and the horrors they have inflicted at will on their own people. And when contemplating your ever-so-sophisticated foreign policy, ask yourselves what compassionate and non-violent options you are left with when facing a determined, heartless bastard like Hitler, Napoleon, Ghengis Khan or Attila.

Some say that the time for real evil like that has finally gone. I hope you are right, I really do. I don’t want to go fight those bastards; I’d rather barbeque and watch the Gators. I’m sure the Jews in 1930 Germany thought such things could never happen again, not in the heart of European culture and civilization. I’m sure every bound and beaten musician, surgeon, philosopher and painter being lined up at the side of a ditch thought exactly that.

This video found (and swiped) at CMBlake6′s WebBlog – thank you CMB!


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Zenster said...

I well remember when "Eject, Eject, Eject" hit the blogosphere. Bill Whittle’s message was, back then, one of many circulating with the energy and urgency that only something like the 9-11 Atrocity could impart.

Some say that the time for real evil like that has finally gone.

Anyone who asserts that the market for evil has peaked is dumber than a sack of wet hair. Evil has always thrived on technological advances and this world's technology is still in its infancy.

Check back with me once interstellar flight is a given and we can renew this discussion. Until then, evil has all the currency of blood diamonds and Taliban heroin.

It defies all imagination that there should be any dispute over whether evil continues to persist when such an unalloyed version of it exists in the form of Islam.

Far be it from the Left, feminists, gays or even Conservatism Inc. to admit any such thing. No finer example of this can be found than the way that Liberals heartily embrace Islam despite the way that Muslims would like nothing better than to murder every last pro-feminist, gay-loving, anti-religious, sexually liberated, gun hating one of them.

Soon enough. Soon enough. If these useful idiots have their way.

Andrea said...

Ignorance of evil does not negate it or make it not so. That is what we are dealing with - way, WAY too much IGNORANCE. My personal belief is that it is by choice - heads in the sand rather than see the light of day because it is too painful, because we are too busy, it ain't gonna happen here, let someone else handle it. The pain has not even begun.