BHO Chickens Roosting OK By You?

"Liberty is not won easily, and is not preserved complacently."  The True Meaning of Liberty

Today - not tomorrow - TODAY is the day all good men and women must come to the aid of this country.  The sands (the fundamental change of America) of the hour glass flow now with the speed of mercury sliding across a marble floor.

For far too long, Americans have thought it their only duty to work themselves to the bone while politicians, special interest groups, and Godless men and women worked behind the scenes to subvert the American dream, the rule of law, freedom, and liberty. - - - Reality Check - Freedom Is A Fragile Thing, And Your Participation Is Required
After being marginalized by the media into believing your voice is a hopelessly mocked collection of noises and liberals have scared you into being sure that terror awaits any mere expression of political defiance, you will be astonished at how fresh and free you'll feel when you see your voice really is smart outside of your immediate group of friends, makes a difference, and has real power to change the world. You have waited a long time for this moment. Go for it. - - Benghazi-Truth

One more quote which was left in the comments section of Reality Check - Freedom Is A Fragile Thing, and your Participation Is Required -

Robert Christopher Laity - - - "One person can however, do something to solve our problems and that multiplied by the patriot efforts of millions of other real Americans CAN save our nation from the likes of the Quisling named Obama..."

Contacting - no pummeling - the people who's votes DO count - the House and the Senate - is paramount in the effort to change the direction our country is going.  My way will not be one suited to all but I will give alternatives.   Today, and every day forward that I am available I will post what I am doing and hope that you join me.  See post which will follow this - And So It Begins....


True Power

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Zenster said...

Regarding that "PEOPLE DON'T KNOW" poster; you really don't want to be among the very last people left on that plank.

In reality, it's very fitting that—in terms of stale, oppressive or outmoded ways of thought—those who cling to the very last end up getting swept to their destruction.

It is only a profound ignorance of how history—while not exactly repeating itself—tends to rhyme, that seem to prevent people from learning how to jump off of that plank all at once.

Tough noogies for the slow learners. Darwin would have something to say about that.

Andrea said...

Now you've made me think...

Maybe those are all liberals and the one leaving didn't switch sides, just needed to find the men's room.