Which is worse?

Posting with little commentary from PatriotUSA as I am very burned out from yesterday.

Just this: You think what we Constitutional Conservatives predicted starting BEFORE the traitor in The White House was elected in 2008 were all lies and conspiracy fairy tales? What do you sheeple say now and why are you still hiding from the truth?

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A Simple Message To The comfortably Invisible….

Many people just don’t know what to make of all this “stuff” boiling to the surface recently.  Logical people are framing their reference points around their understanding of history, and all this banter about socialism, gun control, confiscated wealth, rogue/ideological modern day politicians from the former Hippie Movement bent on intentionally destroying the United States of America et al,   it just all seems so, well, ”out there”.

Yet, damnit, all these predictions are coming true, there must be another explanation.  There must.   

You tell yourself: ‘I am an everyday invisible American and this all just seems so crazy to think about.   They won’t take away our right to own guns and defend ourselves.  They can’t.’    You continue thinking:  ‘I’ve thought about buying a gun before, but never did, and now I wonder if I should, but not sure if I’d know what to do….,  but I don’t want to lose the right… or be the last one not able…..   This is crazy thought.’   Yet…..  

Then you wonder if you’ll be embarrassed if you talk about it openly.  

You think:
What if I open my mouth to my friends, and family, and all of this is wrong?….
My simple reply:
What happens if you don’t, and this is all right?

Which is worse?

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Findalis said...

Speak up. What you say is never wrong. It just makes others uncomfortable.