This Is What Banned Me From FB…Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson is a dyed in the wool Constitutional Conservative lady. She is hard line defender of the second amendment and she is very well know for speaking the truth. She became pretty well know n on Saturday Night Live back when it was REALLY funny, not the sad, diluted, filthy garbage that is on SNL currently

Ms. Jackson is well known for her stand in favor of the second amendment, freedom, liberty, life and the truth. Sometimes the truth is very ugly and the liberal, progressives statists hate it when the truth shines light upon their darkness filled path on the highway to hell. PatriotUSA


This Is What Banned Me From FB…

Why is this banned?! It’s true. It’s history. It’s fact.

One of the first signs of communism is censorship. The media is controlled by the left, government. This is proof. How can we fight back? Keep spreading truth and reporting censorship. Elect representatives who are not progressives. Educate ourselves. Tell our friends what we know.

This is the third time in a month I’ve been banned. Did the “trolls” report me to FB? There are a group of hate-mongers who constantly leave bad language and “hate speech” on my 3 FB accounts. I have a person whose daily job is to delete the haters. I don’t post anything mean or untrue. My goal is to educate the uninformed with the facts I learn through my travels and studies. So, why would people waste their time posting bad words and evil slurs? If they believe in liberalism or communism, I guess they find this is the most effective way to promote their beliefs?

My first FB ban, a 24-hour ban, was when I posted an article saying Obama was a hypocrite to shed a tear for the murdered children in Newtown, when he fought hard for legislation not only for abortion, but for “partial birth abortion” which is murdering a child that has survived an abortion. Former nurse, Jill Stanek testifies to holding partially aborted babies in the hospital while they die. Maybe the left found the truth, or the graphic photo of an aborted baby offensive. It is offensive. Murdering fetuses, babies, and children is offensive. How does one show the facts without showing the facts?

My second FB ban, a 3-day ban, was about a Hitler photo that’s message was anti-gun control. I am fighting for the 2nd amendment because history proves that nations whose citizens were unarmed were easily taken over by cruel dictators. Power corrupts. We must stayed armed.

My third FB ban, is a 7-day ban. I received it today. They showed me the photo I am being punished for. It is the above photo.

I am outraged. What should I do? Post FB pictures only of food and puppies? Call my representative in Washington, D.C.? Tell the President I demand my freedom of speech?!

Steer in: The Last Refuge.

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