Sidelined for now...damn it!

PatriotUSA is under STRICT doctors orders, and I mean strict to take it extremely easy. Earlier today I got the last in a series of diagnostic injections for my back hassles. This one was where the envelope was really pushed and the doctor did several injections at L1-L2-L3  .

So I made a deal to be able to post this up and check emails and then it is back to watching movies and behaving. which I do not  do very well.

Be back over the weekend.
Thank you, Andrea, Nick, Gary,  and all others for posting some feeds for the fine folks who seems to like what we have up here.

Big thanks to Ozark Guru (Bill Smith) for keeping the site running and protecting us and for his posts.

As always, I am honored by those who tread here.

I truly am you most obedient and humble servant! PatriotUSA

Here is some bacon and beer for all of you!

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Findalis said...

Praying for your quick recovery with a special prayer being placed in the Kotel.

Get well soon.

PatriotUSA said...

To anonymous:

I am only posting a portion of your comment and what a ridiculous filthy rant it was.

I would have posted the entire comment but not under anonymous as I find this cowardly for the most part.

Here ya go"

"I am more important than Jesus.

Jesus is just some guy the gods used to f--k the poeple up.
Jesus is like Heath Ledger or perhaps SNL early '90s:::Used to promote homosexuality. Jesus entered this envionment with an evil mindset, and why the gods used him and his legacy in that capacity. Now people globally worship this false god, creating this dual system the Antients will use to create the perception of reward in an alternate reality environment.

To every yin there is a yang:::Ascend into heaven as a child is good while "clone hosting" or Apocalypse leading to "1000 years with Jesus on Earth" is evil. Remember what I said::Only the TRUE believers in Jesus will have eternal life, placed on the next Planet Earth to re-experience thousands of years of the birth, life and death life cycle, suffering from overwork, 18 hour days, hunger and misery.

Better be careful about what you think and say because the gods may go off half-cocked again like they did at Sandy Hook.

The Antients suck too hard to be god."

No, you nor I are more important than Jesus and that is the error in your comment.

Jesus is not responsible for all the ills you have listed. Much of what we are suffering from is due to hand of liberals, progressives, free thinkers, environazis gone wild, political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism.

Modern liberalism is a much more evil agenda than Jesus. You are quite deluded and are you off your meds perhaps?

I will NOT post further comments from you unless you grow a pair and drop the anonymous and the foolish, filthy rant.

Consider yourself warned and I am behaving here unlike you.

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you Findalis, I appreciate that very much and am done for the night. Doc is calling at 11:00 PM one last time.

The Mrs. has gone to sleep for the night so I am checking emails one last time. Feeling it all rather badly now, as the local stuff is wearing off.

Thanks again Dear lady!

Nick said...

Take it easy Patriot, a dr phoning to check up on you - impressive! (And oh just a wee improvement on your situation before eh!)