Abbas Expresses Admiration for Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Gary Fouse

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is the man with whom Israel is supposed to negotiate peace with. Previously, he has declared that the future Palestinian state will contain no Jews. Now he has declared his admiration for the past Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al Husseini. (Hat tip Israel National News)


I am not sure the writer's description of the Grand Mufti is entirely accurate as to his relations to Hitler. Husseini actually resided in Berlin during the war, from where he made broadcasts to the Arab world urging them to drive the Jews out of their lands. He also helped organized a Bosnian Muslim SS division, which fought on the Germans' side. After the war, he was briefly held in France then quietly sent to Egypt rather than upset the Arab world by trying him as a war criminal, which was exactly what he was.

Any man whom you would see in the above two pictures is nobody to be admired.

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