The last 48 Hours of Foreign Policy On Display

Obama's foreign policy debacle is on full display here.

Yes Komrades, we can all feel a bit safer and more secure with Dear Leader, Hussein Obama in the White House.

From The Last Refuge.


American Safety – Dear Leader Edition – The last 48 Hours of Foreign Policy On Display

Let’s pause for a moment and evaluate recent events and recent claims by this President Obama [aka Dear Leader] of a Safe/Secure America under his watch:


Last night North Korea successfully launched their first ever 3-stage Intercontinental Ballistic Missile placing “something” in near earth orbit. North Korea has nuclear weapons ya’ know.

Yesterday from the border region of Afghanistan/Pakistan al-Qaeda’s #1 Ayman Al Zawahiri sent a video message to the salafists in Egypt to rise up off their prayer mats and support the sharia constitution by Muslim Brotherhood leader President Morsi.  “You must meet the request of the Egyptian people for Sharia rule in order to attain dignity and pride,” Zawahiri said in his video. That’s the same Egypt we just approved to get twenty brand spanking new F-16 fighter jets.

Also yesterday in West Africa, specifically in Mali, the freedom reform Prime Minister was forced to resign after al-Qaeda forces took control of the military and performed a coup de ta. al-Qaeda now controls the country.  Soldiers carried out a late-night arrest of Mali’s prime minister at his home here, forcing his resignation early Tuesday and casting new doubt on plans to chase out radical Islamists who control much of this troubled West African nation.

Also yesterday – In the Middle Eastern country of Syria, the President of the United States proclaimed al-Qaeda to be the new representatives of the Syrian people. Seriously.

The U.S. State Department announces that Syrian al-Qaeda, aka: Al-Nusra Front is merely a cover name for al-Qaeda in Iraq. The same Syria where a Christian had his eyes gouged out yesterday just for being Christian.

While the President agrees to hold private meetings, and open talks with Iranian Leadership.
Meanwhile, we find out in Benghazi, Libya, where our Ambassador was slaughtered along with three other Americans, the security force wasn’t even armed to shoot back.


One last point.   You ain’t seeing nothing about this in the TV media.   WHY?

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