Maintaining Honor in the Middle East and at Home

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Al Jazeera

Yes, a tip of the hat to Al Jazeera for this report that Jordan is maintaining its honor in the matter of husbands killing their wives. It seems that Jordan's version of the OJ jury (its parliament) quashed a move by the senate to stiffen penalties for would-be OJs.

(Not that senate. It has no honor.)


But that's old news. More recent is the statement by Mahmoud Abbas, the guy Israel is supposed to negotiate with in the West Bank, that there are no plans to crack down on so-called honor killings in his neck of the woods either. The below report comes from Jihad Watch, which also makes the fantastic claim that 91% of honor-killings world-wide are carried out by Muslims.


(The other 9%)

Of course, there isn't much we can do about these things happening in places like Jordan or the West Bank; all we can do is enforce our own laws against murder here in the US (OJ notwithstanding). That means no court can entertain any argument of mitigating circumstances of "honor" due to any cultural or religious considerations.

Shaima Alawadi


Assiya Zubair Hassan

But there is, indeed, honor. Once again, I post the brave words of a young Pakistani-Muslim American woman from New York named Darakshan Raja at the MPAC convention in Pasadena on December 15 as she speaks about her professional specialty, domestic abuse.


That is honor.

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